Friday, August 31, 2001

Luken the money leader, by far

Mayor's coffers 10 times his foes'

By Gregory Korte
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Democratic Mayor Charlie Luken has raised more than 10 times as much as his nearest campaign rival, Charterite Courtis Fuller, according to campaign finance reports filed Thursday.

        Mr. Luken added at least $82,782 to his campaign coffers at a fund-raiser at the Montgomery Inn Thursday night, bringing the total amount raised this election to $235,858.

        His biggest contributors in recent months have been financier and Reds owner Carl Lindner ($20,000), the Hamilton County Democratic Party ($20,000), at torney Alan Statman ($5,000), investment consultant Robert Rhein ($5,000), attorney Stan Chesley ($2,500), the AFL-CIO ($2,500) and banker Robert Hoverson ($2,500).

        Mr. Fuller, a first-time candidate who quit his job as a news anchor and entered the race June 27, has raised $20,778. No single donor has given Mr. Fuller more than $1,000.

        Mr. Luken has spent $39,955 on commercial air time, $19,000 on polling, $15,654 on fund-rais ing and $5,406 on yard signs.

        He's paid $7,767 to campaign staffers, including $200 to his 22-year-old daughter, Lauren.

        Campaign staff has been Mr. Fuller's biggest expense, $6,330. He also spent $2,000 on a July campaign seminar and $1,290 on bumper stickers, his only advertising.

        Former Reds owner Marge Schott ($1,000) helped independent candidate Bill Brodberger to post a showing in the fund-raising contest. Mr. Brodberger raised $4,326 in all.

        Independent Michael Riley filed a statement saying he raised less than $1,000.

        A primary on Sept. 11 will whittle the field from four to two for the general election in November.


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