Land shifts for a landlord
        Over-the-Rhine's largest apartment owner and low-income landlord collected millions in federal subsidies but filed for bankruptcy last week when the government trough dried up.

MBA no longer a job guarantee
        This year's MBA grads can yearn for a silver BMW, a sweet hiring bonus and bottomless expense account. But they're lucky to find a job.
A sure-bet degree: paper science

P&G, Kroger in brand battle
        Their headquarters are just a few blocks apart in downtown Cincinnati, their employees cross paths regularly, and their top executives belong to the same organizations. Yet when it comes to the subject of brand cloning, Kroger Co. and Procter & Gamble Co. couldn't be further apart.

Cabaret coming to Newport
        There's a new theater about to open in the Tristate — and it's coming here as its first step toward taking its business national.

What's the Buzz?
        For the second time in about two years, Fifth Third Bank has decided to put its logo on an Ohio sports complex.

Wal-Mart now a player in online textbook sales
        Wal-Mart, the nation's largest retailer, is using its Web site to enter a new market — textbook sales.

Cleaning service cleans up
        You could say that everything Christine McAdams needed to know about business, she learned in high school.

Be specific in setting goals
        I did it! On my last birthday, I promised myself I'd get certified for scuba diving before my next birthday rolled around, and I just did it.

CD copy business expands
        ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Mary and Gary Reeves are proving that a company doesn't have to be a high-flying, headline-grabbing, Silicon Valley dot-com to capitalize on the global revolution in information technology.

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