Friday, August 17, 2001

Cincinnati police honored

Rotary Club lauds five officers, Chief Streicher for service

By Jane Prendergast
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        A business group honored five Cincinnati police officers Thursday and applauded their chief in a most police-friendly setting.

        The Rotary Club members prayed for police morale and safety, thanked officers for their civility and protection, and gave Chief Tom Streicher a standing ovation. They also invited his mother as a special guest.

[photo] Cincinnati police Sgt. Maris Herold and Capt. Michael Bolte received the Rotary Club of Cincinnati's Valor/Hero Award at a ceremony Thursday.
(Tony Jones photo)
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        The chief referred to the violence persisting throughout the city since the April protests and riots, calling his 2 1/2-year tenure as chief “quite a ride.”

        Chief Streicher sneaked in a plug for the division's recruit exam Sept. 22, asking the Rotarians to suggest any good candidates. He also thanked the group for the awards, which are not open to other Greater Cincinnati police departments.

        Award winners:

        • Capt. Mike Bolte, Sgt. Maris Herold: the Valor/Hero Award, for running to the aid Jan. 7 of an elderly pastor whohad been shot as he drove away from his church. They approached the car, pushed the injured man out of the driver's seat and drove the car out of the line of fire so the man could get medical attention safely.

        Capt. Bolte leads the Violent Crimes Task Force, the 70-member team starting its fourth week focused on city neighborhoods experiencing escalating violence since the April riots.

        • Spc. Dick Gross: the Career Enhancement Award. The 26-year veteran, the division's pawnshop coordinator for 15 years, helped recover more than $250,000 worth of stolen property last year.

        • Spc. Bruce Scholl: the Superior Achievement Award, for his work as the contact person for all offenses related to the April unrest. He has been a Cincinnati officer since 1972.

        • Lt. Daniel Gerard: the Administration Award, forchanges he has suggested since he was transferred to the fiscal and budget section a year ago, including new payroll and grant-writing systems.


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