Distracted drivers honk readers off
        There are plenty of distractions that make Enquirer readers angry with other drivers, but hand-held cell phones top the list.

Ask a Stupid Question
        Why do they call race courses “parks” and “downs?” Why not just race course? Or horse track?

Insult helps woman to see own prejudices
        “I can't speak Chinese,” the guy at the counter at Cracker Barrel suddenly said to me. I was very upset, and I said, “I can't speak Chinese either. I am a Japanese.”

Get to It
        A guide to help make your day.

Fitness around the clock
        Tips for turning daily activities into fitness opportunities
Videos to help you squeeze in fitness

Correct form important for those with osteoporosis
        Both machines and free weights are great ways to strengthen your body. However, the most important thing is to have someone show you how to use both types of equipment so that you can exercise safely and effectively.

Storm can't cut 'Girls Night Out' short
        The Girls Night Out Tour, which stopped at a sweltering Riverbend Music Center Saturday night, serves as a lesson on how to put on an excellent festival-style show.

R. Kelly does his thing - and the ladies love it
        When you have multi-platinum albums and are proclaimed the King of R&B, you can virtually write your own ticket. Apparently the price of the ticket didn't matter Friday night because R. Kelly sold out the Procter & Gamble Hall of the Aronoff Center for the Arts.

Wade, Schuur don't let night cool down
        It was a different kind of girls night out — no disrespect to Reba McIntyre. The glory of song and voice was the order of the evening as the "Hood is Bigger Than You Think Tour culminated with the Crown Jewels of Jazz fund-raising gala Saturday evening in the Music Hall Ballroom.

'Junkyard' builds a reputation
        It's amazing what an Emmy nomination can do to folks.

Broadway is another act for Bootsy
        Bootsy on Broadway? The Cincinnati native and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is headed for New York with the opening of The Ball, a musical about basketball.

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