Firestone trial set to begin
        McALLEN, Texas — What would be the first tire-defect lawsuit to go to trial against Bridgestone/Firestone was set to begin today. Get the latest updates from Associated Press.

Wireless Internet is ripe for hacking
        WASHINGTON — Business travelers eager to plug their laptop computers into wireless Internet networks at hotels, airports and coffee shops need to be on guard, security experts warn.

Doctors say focus on eyestrain
        Longer hours and more days on the job at the computer screen are adding up to increased vision fatigue and computer-related eyestrain.

ECKBERG: Troops at the front rewarded
        Every company that has a sales force probably has an incentive or two for their account executives. It is one of the better ways to keep the phones lit up, ensure that revenues continue to chug into company coffers and guarantee that clients have somebody to whine to who will listen.

Raises aren't in slowdown
        The slowdown in the economy hasn't yet eroded the steady pay gains enjoyed by U.S. workers, according to two new reports, but more employers are looking at ways to trim salary and wage increases in the months ahead.

Respect, not money, best at keeping workers
        I own a small store in Connecticut. I try to pay fair and competitive salaries, and I offer good benefits to all my employees. The problem is that I can't seem to keep new employees.

Morning Memo
        Hot news and tips to start your business day.

Promotions & new on the job
        Allison Lett Rasmussen has joined the Cincinnati Bar Foundation as director of development and director of community service for the Cincinnati Bar Association.

Bonne Bell finds force with older labor
        LAKEWOOD, Ohio — The assembly line workers remove tubes of Berry Happy and Candy Confetti Surprise lip gloss from factory boxes and repackage them for customers generations younger than they are.

Micrsoft, Kodak agree on digital camera software link
        WASHINGTON - Microsoft Corp. has agreed to change its new Windows XP operating system to make it easier for users to access the Eastman Kodak digital camera software and services they have installed on their computers.

Forged autographs cost collectors dearly
        You paid $75 for a bat autographed by Pete Rose, $25 for a ball, and now you learn that the items in your trophy case might actually represent the penmanship of ... Tommy Gioiosa.