Sunday, August 12, 2001

Reality roundup

        Here's a sampling of TV reality series:

        • Women Docs (Lifetime): Four profiles of female doctors air at 10 p.m. Saturday. (Premiered Aug. 11).

        • Hard Knocks (HBO): NFL Films goes to training camp with the Baltimore Ravens. (11 p.m. Thursdays through Sept. 5)

        • Small Shots (TNN): Small-town residents are cast to perform satires of feature films. (Aug. 22).

        • The Amazing Race (CBS): Eleven teams travel 35,000 miles in 31 days for a $1 million prize. (Sept. 5).

        • Lost (NBC): Three pairs of strangers travel cross-country to the Statue of Liberty for a $200,000 prize. (Sept. 5)

        • Love Cruise (Fox): Sixteen singles — eight women and eight men — date and vote each other off a cruise ship. (Sept. 11)

        • Combat Missions (USA): Former Survivor Rudy Boesch hosts a competition by four six-man teams of former soldiers in the Mojave Desert. (Sept. 12)

        • Celebrity Adventures (E!): Former Survivor Kelly Wiglesworth travels with TV and movie stars. (Sept. 17)

        • Mole 2: The Next Betrayal (ABC): Fourteen players compete in games across Europe while trying to figure out who among them is the saboteur. (Sept. 21)

        • Lost in the USA (WB): Four teams of three people compete in various tasks for prizes. (Sept. 30)

        • Cooking School Stories (Food Network): Six students complete their studies at Johnson & Wales culinary school. (Oct. 1)

        • Popstars 2 (WB): Producers conduct another national talent search to create a pop singing group. (Oct. 4)

        • Sidelines (ESPN): ESPN documents the Texas A&M football season through the eyes of students, townspeople and football fans. (Oct. 5)

        • Local News (PBS): This five-week series looks at the inner workings of the WCNC-TV newsroom in Charlotte, N.C. (Oct. 9)

        • Survivor: Africa (CBS): CBS airs its third Survivor, being shot now in Kenya. (Oct. 11).

        • Elimidate Deluxe (WB): A man or woman dates four members of the opposite sex in exotic locales. (Oct. 11)

        • Making It (E!): A behind-the-scenes look at dancers auditioning for the Jubilee stage show at Bally's Las Vegas. (Oct. 28)

        • Temptation Island 2 (Fox): Four more couples test their relationships at a resort filled with attractive singles. (Oct. 31)

        • Ultimate Reality (A&E): Each week a viewer gets to fulfill a fantasy by sky diving, jousting, belly dancing, etc. (October)

        • Totally In Tune (Disney): A day in the life of orchestra members at Los Angeles' Hamilton High School. (October)

        • Project Greenlight (HBO): Ben Affleck and Matt Damon document the making of a movie, from casting through filming and editing. (December)

        • The Runner (ABC): Viewers can win money trying to help a mysterious runner elude pursuers on a coast-to-coast trek. (Jan. 7, 2002)

        • Beyond the Badge (Oxygen): A 13-part series documenting the lives of female U.S. Marshals. (January)

        • TV Land Real Estate (TV Land): Viewers tour their favorite TV stars' homes. (Early 2002)

        • The Wild Onion (ESPN): Teams compete in a Chicago extreme games by climbing the Sears Tower stairs and kayaking across Lake Michigan. (Early 2002)

        • Beg, Borrow and B.S. (ESPN): Eight people with no money or food try to make it from New York to Los Angeles in 45 days. (No date)

        • The D League (ESPN): A Real World-type weekly soap about players in the NBA Developmental League. (No date)

        — John Kiesewetter

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