Sunday, August 12, 2001

Best and worst of the week in sports

        The Enquirer sports department's look at who rated — good and bad — this week in sports:


        1. Mario Soto: The Reds put him in their Hall of Fame. He certainly deserved it. During the dire days of the early 1980s, he was a reason to go to the ballpark every fifth day.

        2. Lance Davis: The kid is 5-1 and could well be 6-1. The little lefty looks like a keeper. Could he be the first decent starter drafted and developed by the Reds since Brett Tomko? (Speaking of Tomko, maybe the Mariners will give him back to the Reds. They don't seem to need him.)

        3. Chad Johnson: We hear nothing but great things about the Bengals' No.2 pick. He's fast. He's got good hands. He can jump. Now, if they can find a quarterback to throw the ball to him.

        4. UC: It's nice to see Huggs' Men will be playing Northern Kentucky University in an exhibition this year. That's much more interesting than playing some squad from Croatia with 12 players no one has ever heard of. Now, if the Bearcats would just get Miami back on the non-exhibition schedule.

        5. The CBA: The old league comes back from the dead. It should be up and running in time for its 56th season. If you remember, this is the league Isiah Thomas ran into the ground before bolting to coach the Indiana Pacers.


       1. Justin Smith: The Bengals top pick still isn't in camp. Looks like this guy will turn out to be the next Jason Buck. Let's see: You haven't played a down in the NFL, they're going to give you $10 million. Oh, yeah, we'd hold out, too.

        2. Tennis Masters Series: The players are complaining about the balls. But we'd like to complain about the beer. Since the TMS hooked up in a sponsorship deal with that German brand War-whatever, you have to search the place for a stand that sells good, old American suds. It's an international event, sure, but it's in Mason not Munich.

        3. Track and field: More stories about steroids are coming out of the World Championships in Edmonton than stories about the events. It's past time to clean things up.

        4. Jose Rijo: He may be our favorite Red of all-time, but he needs to keep quiet and bide his time until the Reds call him up. He keeps saying he'll live with the team's decision. Then, as soon as they make one, he questions it.

        5. NCAA: It must stand for No Clue At All. It forced three basketball tournaments to move out of casinos. That will probably stop all gambling.

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