The big drain for flash floods
        Solving Mill Creek flooding may take a subterranean turn: a man-made river through limestone more than 300 feet underground.

Take an Ohio history quiz
        As the Buckeye State approaches 200 years old, it's time to bone up on your knowledge
The answers (No cheating!)

Age catching up with Ohio River dams
        Many of the 19 locks and dams on the Ohio River are 50 years old, deteriorating and overburdened by the dramatic increase in the volume and size of commercial barges.
River system varies as power source

More schools get gay-straight alliances
        A growing number of Tristate students have started groups in their high schools to end anti-gay bias.

All are welcome at restaurant
        Take a stool at the counter of the Sugar 'N Spice restaurant on any morning, order up a stack of pancakes, and there is no telling who you might be rubbing elbows with.

Brief storm deluges Tristate
        A brief but powerful thunderstorm pounded the Tristate Saturday evening, triggering flash flood warnings for rain-weary residents in Hamilton, Warren, Clermont and Brown counties.

Fish fest called a hit in Newport
        NEWPORT — Two days into its three-day run, the Great Inland Seafood Festival appears to be a hit after crossing the Ohio River from Cincinnati to Newport.

Spare my old house, owner asks
        As Marie Angel, 58, nears retirement, her one big goal is to own her own home.

Tristate A.M. Report

BRONSON: Vacation
        When fog sneaks up on the shores of Lake Michigan, it floats in like a ghost ship, as quiet as a thought. If you listen closely, you can hear the worried moans of fog horns as freighters feel their way through heavy velvet drapes of mist.

CROWLEY: Dogfight days
        Everybody's in a funk. Everybody's hacked off at somebody else. Must be the heat. Or maybe it's just the politics.

PULFER: Stem-cell funds
        Our president is a C student.

        We all spend entirely too much time being dunned for money.

Floods can't stop museum programs
        SHARONVILLE — Heritage Village Museum is getting by these days with a lot of help from its friends in the aftermath of last month's flooding.

Health Alliance proposes Mason outlet
        MASON — The Health Alliance of Greater Cincinnati is proposing to serve Cincinnati's growing northern suburbs by building a 350,000-square-foot regional hospital, a cancer treatment facility and an ambulatory surgery center/women's health complex.

No. 2 man could get top job in Lebanon
        LEBANON — A city employee of just three months will likely be thrust into City Manager James Patrick's seat if Mr. Patrick is removed — temporarily or permanently — in the coming weeks.

Charges filed in gasoline throwing
        COLUMBUS — A man has been charged with assault and aggravated menacing for splashing gasoline on a security worker at the Columbus Pride Parade, where he burned a gay-pride flag.

Egg farm still without dumping permits
        COLUMBUS — It's been almost a year since the state ordered Buckeye Egg Farm to get permits that control the amount of chicken manure and other pollution that can be dumped, yet the company has yet to apply for them.

Governor reviews van ban
        COLUMBUS — Gov. Bob Taft has the authority to lift a Department of Education ban on the use of school vans for sports and after-school programs.

Holmes High School has roots in 'castle'
        COVINGTON — Holmes High School? Who was Holmes? What is the connection between Holmes and Covington High School.

Murder-for-hire trial set to open
        Elizabeth “Liz” Furnish has had some rocky relationships with men.

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