Making more, falling behind
        The economic boom of the 1990s brought unprecedented prosperity to much of the United States. But not to the average U.S. household.

Forged autographs cost collectors dearly
        You paid $75 for a bat autographed by Pete Rose, $25 for a ball, and now you learn that the items in your trophy case might actually represent the penmanship of ... Tommy Gioiosa.

P&G sinks teeth into Iams
        It was only weeks after Procter & Gamble Co. bought Iams Co. that research veterinarians started thinking about using P&G to create tooth care for dogs and cats.

Dolls bobbing back up
        They're cute, they're quiet, and after a 30-year hiatus, they're back in ballparks nationwide — including Cincinnati.

Lenders see startup loans as risky business
        “The message we're hearing is, "There's no problem here,'” said William Dunkelberg, chief economist with the National Federation for Independent Business, an advocacy group representing 600,000 small and independent businesses.

Lightning Financial connects entrepreneurs to lender
        A new venture can't make it past the planning stage without financing, but many entrepreneurs find it hard to qualify for a bank loan to convert plans into action.

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