Saturday, August 11, 2001

Greenhouses pitch in to grow 'Miracle Mile'

By Peg St. Clair
Enquirer contributor

        In August, some of our gardens are looking worn out. If you are seeking something still blooming, check out greenhouses and nurseries.

        Some Greater Cincinnati greenhouses have agreed to donate a portion of August sales to help promote the Over-the-Rhine Miracle Mile project — a mile of window boxes planted by volunteers.

        Weather conditions earlier in the planting season are why some gardens are languishing, says Mike Klahr, Boone County extension agent. We began the season with a drought, then several weeks of continuous rain and cool weather. Those conditions, especially the prolonged wet periods, led to fungal and bacterial diseases, he says.

        When you plant, be sure to add organic matter, such as peat moss and compost, which will help hold in moisture, Mr. Klahr says. Water deeply, rather than several quick sprays from a hose.

        The requests for window boxes in Over-the-Rhine keep growing, says Jay Korte, president of Flower Framers window box company and an organizer of the Miracle Mile project. Inquiries also are coming from those who have seen the impact window boxes have made and people who want them in other neighborhoods, he says.

        Remember, our growing season extends through October. Renewing gardens with fresh plantings will bring you pleasure for weeks and benefit others as well.

        Wouldn't it be wonderful if we became known as a city of window boxes and flowers?

        Participating greenhouses include:

        • H.J. Benken Florist & Greenhouse, Silverton; 891-1040. • Adopt-a-Plant Greenhouses, Harrison; 738-2007. • A.J. Rahn's Greenhouses, Winton Place; 541-0672. • Funke's Greenhouses, Winton Place; 541-8170. • Natorp's, Mason, Florence and Bond Hill; 398-4769. • Burger Farms, Newtown; 561-8634. • Lakeview Garden Center & Landscaping, Fairfield; 829-6624. • Landscape Supply, Burlington; (859) 586-5200. • Moeller's Greenhouse & Garden Center, Groesbeck; 931-3215.

        For more information on the Miracle Mile project, call 321-7001. cq
        Contact Peg St. Clair by phone: 541-4680; Web site:


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- Greenhouses pitch in to grow 'Miracle Mile'
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