Friday, August 10, 2001

Goofy expired before his term

By Earnest Winston
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        RABBIT HASH — This quaint town on the Ohio River is mourning the loss of a dogged and beloved politician.

        Goofy, the dog who gained national notoriety by being elected mayor at a tongue-in-cheek fund-raiser, has died at age 16.

[photo] Mayor Goofy of Rabbit Hash presided from a shady spot on Lower River Road, near the Rabbit Hash General Store.
(Enquirer file photo)
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        Goofy became Rabbit Hash's first and only “strong” mayor in 1998, Goofying out several other dogs. He was wrapping up a four-year term when he was euthanized July 30.

        The “election,” in which people bought votes, raised about $6,900 for the restoration of East Bend Methodist Church building.

        The death of the mixed-breed canine saddened the handful of residents of this 3.75-acre western Boone County town, about 25 miles south of Cincinnati.

        “He brought Rabbit Hash some great publicity,” said Alexis Scott.

        Said Chris Carter, who works at the Rabbit Hash General Store: “He was a great mayor. He never bit anybody.”

        A short time after taking office, the four-legged politician was nearly sidelined.

        Goofy, who suffered from what a veterinarian thought was liver cancer, spent two days in an animal hospital under 24-hour supervision and had to be fed through an IV.

        More recently, the mayor had lost weight and was often seen staggering in the middle of Lower River Road.

        “He just got old and wore out,” said Ed Borneman, Goofy's owner and campaign manager. “I was just concerned that he was going to get hit by a car.”

        Dan Shinkle, kennel technician/supervisor at the Boone County Animal Care and Control, said Goofy was buried in a landfill.

        “He wasn't buried like a prominent mayor should have been buried, but he had a decent burial for an old dog mayor,” he said.

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