Sunday, August 05, 2001

Vandals damage windows on dozens of cars

By Jim Hannah
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Car-jumping, window-smashing vandals reportedly damaged more than three dozen vehicles parked on Westwood streets overnight Friday.

        “I woke up this morning and my three cars parked in front of my house were damaged,” said John Kalubi, 47, of the 2500 block of Fleetwood Ave.

        “All the windshields were completely broken.”

        He parked his three cars — a Toyota Cressida and two Toyota minivans — on the street so houseguests could park in his driveway.

        The University of Cincinnati professor said he first thought the vandalism might be the work of a disgruntled student. Mr. Kalubi gave an exam last week.

        He realized that wasn't the case when other neighbors said they too were victims.

        Cincinnati police said they took 15 reports, but neighbors believe as many as 40 vehicles were damaged.

        Mr. Kalubi said it appears someone jumped on the cars, causing windshields to break.

        “Westwood has been a very good neighborhood so far,” said Mr. Kalubi, who has lived in the area for 11 years. “I hope the city and police do something about this kind of vandalism. If it starts on streets, it will spread somewhere else ... maybe to our homes. That is something we don't want in this neighborhood.”


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