Sunday, July 22, 2001

Tristate's Priciest Homes

        The top residential real estate transfers in Greater Cincinnati, compiled by First American Real Estate Solutions:

        Buyer: Robert W. & Amy M. Carlisle. Seller: Toebben Ltd. Address: 936 Squire Oaks Drive, Fort Mitchell 41017. Price: $1,043,763.

        Buyer: Raymond & Ginger B. Kielarowski Jr. Seller: Sunneman Homes Inc. Address: 4478 Maxwel Drive, Mason 45040. Price: $779,676.

        Buyer: Theodore & Amy Barger. Seller: Mark Quatrale. Address: 7141 Ravens Run, Anderson 45244. Price: $580,000.

        Buyer: Joanne M. Schreiner, trustee. Seller: Gloria S. Haffer, trustee. Address: 2150 Convent Lane, Hyde Park/Mount Lookout 45208. Price: $475,000.

        Buyer: Kenneth B. & Jill S. Impellizzeri. Seller: Diane L. Donohue, trustee. Address: 750 Saint Thomas Court, Anderson Township 45230. Price: $454,000.

        Buyer: Steven M. Touvelle. Seller: Paul C. Sun. Address: 3700 Carpenters Creek Drive, Evendale 45241. Price: $450,000.

        Buyer: Donald R. & Debra R. Snider. Seller: Gary A. Varley. Address: 6694 Miami Woods Drive, Miami Township, Clermont County 45140. Price: $442,900.

        Buyer: Victoria E. Brown. Seller: Mercurio Building Co. Address: 7400 Laurel Oak Lane, Amberley 45237. Price: $419,424.

        Buyer: Ketan K. & Rita K. Patel. Seller: Vincent Arvizu. Address: 8510 Morning Calm Drive, Anderson Township 45255. Price: $410,000.

        Buyer: Michael D. Tipton. Seller: Gary G Loop. Address: 1310 Woodlake Court, Miami Township, Clermont County 45140. Price: $405,000.

        Buyer: Linda Mallory & Nancy A. Niehaus. Seller: John A. Taylor. Address: 502 Terrace Ave, Clifton 45220. Price: $400,000.

        Buyer: John R. & Beth M. Tranovich. Seller: Bruce N. Coslet. Address: 8419 Deer Path, West Chester Township 45069. Price: $375,000.

        Buyer: Larry & Vickie Shepherd. Seller: Wayne L Uhl. Address: 876 Pine Valley Lane, Pierce Township 45245. Price: $373,900.

        Buyer: Todd M. & Kristyne E. Kulis. Seller: Drees Premier Homes Inc. Address: 5149 Fordon Court, Union Township, Clermont County 45244. Price: $370,801.

        Buyer: George J. & Susan S. Braun. Seller: M I Schottenstein Homes. Address: 1734 Cottontail Drive, Miami Township, Clermont County 45150. Price: $364,493.

        Buyer: Stanley Shadwell. Seller: Alumni Builders Inc. Address: 2182 Eastern Ave., downtown 45202. Price: $350,000.

        Buyer: Jeffrey Cawood & Laura. Seller: Fred O. Brown. Address: 490 Fringe Tree Glen, Mason 45040. Price: $350,000.


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