Thursday, July 19, 2001

Mason schools add administrators

5 new positions will keep pace with enrollment

By Sue Kiesewetter
Enquirer Contributor

        MASON — Growing enrollment in the Mason City Schools has prompted the district to add three full-time and two part-time administrative positions.

        “As a general rule, when we look at elementary and middle schools, we try to add an assistant principal when we reach 500 students and every 500 increment after that. All of our elementary schools — except the early childhood center — are over 1,000,” said Craig Ullery, director of human resources. “At the high school, we add (an assistant principal) every 300 students.”

        Mason's enrollment at the official October count last fall was 6,711, Mr. Ullery said. It is up to 7,102 now and is expected to increase.

        Assistant principal positions were added at the Mason Early Childhood Center and at Mason Heights Elementary School, said Superintendent Kevin Bright. Two part-time assistant principal positions, at Western Row and Mason Intermediate, were expanded to full-time. A special-education supervisor position also was added.

        Besides administrators, the district is adding 45 teaching positions, bringing the number of teachers in the district to 449, Mr. Ullery said.

        Of Ohio districts ranked “effective” by the state on the 2001 Report Card, only the Centerville Schools near Dayton spend less per pupil on administration, he said.

        Mason's newest administrators who start Aug. 1 are:

        • Vivian Alvarez, assistant principal at Mason Early Childhood Center. Ms. Alvarez has been a teacher with Fairfield Schools since 1995, and been a summer school principal. Salary: $55,715.

        • Sherry Spreng, assistant principal, Mason Heights Elementary School. Ms. Spreng spent the past year as a reading teacher and half-day assistant to the principal at Pleasant Run Elementary School. Before that, she spent 13 years as a teacher at Mason Heights. Salary: $70,400.

        • Thomas Doerflein, assistant principal at Western Row Elementary School. Mr. Doerflein comes from Milford Schools, where he taught music before becoming assistant principal at Charles L. Seipelt Elementary School. Salary: $60,274.

        • Mark Murzynowski, assistant principal at Mason Middle School. He comes from Oak Hills Schools, where he has worked as assistant principal at Delhi Middle School and principal at Bridgetown Middle School. Salary: $66,846.

        • Shannon Trennepohl, assistant principal at Mason High School. She comes from Simon Kenton High School, where she was assistant principal. Ms. Trennepohl has taught in Hamilton Schools and was an administrative assistant at Hamilton High School. Salary: $63,745.

        • Ian Frank, assistant principal at Mason High. From 1997 to 2000, he taught at Mason High but spent the past year as assistant principal at Northwest High School. Salary: $58,946.

        • Lynn Brannon, special-education supervisor. Ms. Brannon worked as a speech pathologist for Hilliard Schools, near Columbus. Salary: $65,540.


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