Thursday, July 05, 2001

More days for a swim

Pools floating weekend hours

By Allen Howard
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Because weekend swimming has not been a top family activity, the Cincinnati Recreation Commission has geared public pool operating hours mostly to weekdays, except for a few city neighborhood pools.

        But this year, that practice has changed slightly with growing interest in weekend swimming and a Kroger Co. grant that allowed more pools to open.

        Another reason many of the pools have not been opened on weekends is lifeguard scheduling, said Sheila Mudd Baker, senior administrative specialist for the recreation commission.

        The commission hires 300 to 350 lifeguards a year for 47 pools.

        “The lifeguards who are age 15 cannot work more than 40 hours a week,” she said. The recreation commission has to juggle its staff to work in older lifeguards during weekends, she said.

        “Most of our lifeguards are young people and a lot of them don't want to give up their weekends for work,” Mrs. Baker said.

        And if all city pools were open over the weekend, the commission would not be able to hire enough lifeguards to staff them because of a tight budget.

        “We would have to hire another 100 lifeguards to staff all of our pools during the weekends,” said Jincey Yemaya, aquatic coordinator for the recreation commission.

        The commission has a budget of $24.7 million to operate 29 community centers, 21 senior centers, seven golf courses and the swimming pools.

        A few of the pools are open on Sundays and 22 on Saturdays.

        Pools open Sundays: Laurel in Over-the-Rhine, 1-5 p.m.; Dempsey in Price Hill, Oyler in Lower Price Hill and the Mount Adams pools, noon to 5 p.m.; and Millvale in Cumminsville and Ziegler in Over-the-Rhine, noon to 4 p.m.

        Kroger Family Fun Pool Days, which feature food, music and prizes, opened more pools on Sundays this year.

        The next Family Fun Pool Days are:

        • Sunday: Lincoln, English Woods, Pleasant Ridge, McKie and Rakestraw pools.

        • July 15: Lincoln, Bond Hill, Ziegler and Bush.

        • July 22: Dempsey, Madisonville, Camp Washington and Evanston.

        • July 29: Millvale, Pleasant Ridge, Ziegler and Filson.


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