Sunday, July 01, 2001

Blah beige beating blue

Pick a color for the Suspension Bridge

By The Cincinnati Enquirer

        For several days after last Sunday's Forum poll asked readers which color the Roebling Suspension Bridge should be painted, the clear, consistent leader was University of Kentucky Wildcat blue.

        Until Thursday. That's when the “sandy tan” tentatively chosen by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, a shade we dubbed “Blah Beige,” pulled into the lead. There's no accounting for taste.

        As of 6 a.m. Wednesday, “Blah Beige” had 26 percent of 10,100 votes cast. Its closest competitors: Kentucky blue and ballpark mustard at 23 percent. In fifth place, sadly, is Cincinnati Reds red, the consensus favorite among the Editorial Page staff.

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        Why the poll? The state of Kentucky, which owns the bridge, is scheduled to begin a $6 million paint job within the next two years. After the Transportation Cabinet tabbed “sandy tan,” we thought area residents should get the chance to weigh in with other options.

        Spurred by our poll, Covington City Commission voted Tuesday to support Kentucky blue.

        And the Transportation Cabinet's Web site invited residents to send in their color suggestions via e-mail. Robin Jenkins of the Cabinet's public relations staff says it had received 104 e-mails and 30 letters as of Friday afternoon, a clear majority in favor of the UK hue. Among the more unusual suggestions: half blue and half red, to appease both Kentucky and Ohio. Or purple, to blend them. We feel strongly both ways.


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