Sunday, June 10, 2001

What's the Buzz?

P&G's Pringles stays in tune with the times

By Cliff Peale
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Prizes from free cans of Pringles to free concert tickets will be on the line for visitors to Riverbend this summer.

        Pringles and SFX, the promoter that handles Riverbend, will quiz concert-goers on such things as Tune Trivia and Music History.

        The promotion started in late May at Riverbend and is being unveiled at about 30 other concert venues across the country.

        For P&G, the deal will continue Pringles' efforts toward attracting a younger, hipper audience. And the interactive nature of the quiz will give it another source of consumer information about people who eat Pringles.

        That consumer research, of course, is one of the lifebloods at P&G, which spends more than $140 million a year collecting consumer feedback on its products.

        Paula Balzer, chief marketing officer at New York-based SFX, said the deal will enable Cincinnati-based P&G to “effectively interact with multiple demographics directly in an upbeat and energetic setting.”

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