How will you spend your refund?

Cincinnati.Com readers tell us what they will do with their tax refund check:

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What will you do with your tax refund check?

Thomas Theobald: Buy a new lawnmower & gas trimmer.

Steve Arrowood: If our trusty Government can react quickly enough, I will spend the financial windfall on vacation. If not, I will probably just save it.

Dennis Lauchengco: Do i even have a choice. Itll be my gas money for the week. woohoo!

Chuck Garwtiz: purchase new eyeglasses - healthcare coverage insufficient to help me.

Bill Gable: We better put the money in the bank, so we can use it to pay our taxes after the economy falls and the tax revenue drops. the cost of providing government services doesn't go away

Maria Kline: I don't have definite plans for it as of yet. People tend to forget that prices on everything in this world eventually go up. That's the way it is. A loaf of bread will never cost 5 cents again. Quit crying! If you want to succeed in life....quit yelling and start learning.

Justin Rains: Put it in savings. Being self employed I need a rainy day fund.

John Pryor: This money will go diectly into my savings account.

Linda Ferrell: I don't actually believe that I will see it. But, if it should arrive, I will treat my loving fiancee to a vacation at the spectacular campsite where we were happily engaged last July.

Dan Gettelfinger: buy some more "GOD BLESS GW" stickers for my car ;o)

JoAnn Calhoun: Widen driveway


Benjamin Boggs: Help buy a life for reader Sheila Codrington, who submitted that she thinks Bush is getting rich off the oil crisis. If I have any $$$ left over, I'll try to buy some reality for her too.

Russ Joseph: What check? The bottom 60% of income earners will not see one penny---that's 35 million Americans. Glad to see that those who REALLY need the relief will get it! What a joke.

Terri Thomas: Pay off a credit card and save the rest of fed refund. Use state to shop! I've earned it :-)

N. Barkema: Use it to move out of this sorry, national embarassment area called Cincinnati... home of the Bungles, AAA baseball, a communist regime and sycophantic jounalists.

Todd Wolff: Take all my coworkers out for a great lunch.

Ben Smith: $20 will go to "E-check" for my car (proven by the EPA that E-Check is not helping). $30 will go to my NRA membership. The rest will go to the Libertarian Party.

Paul Mckim: I will put it in my savings account that pays for my kids christian education.

Cel Price: Hopefully, I'll have enough to buy a Burger King Whopper.

Elise Swanson: Pay off a credit card.

Sara Sheets: Donate it towards causes that will never receive the attention they deserve from the Bush Administration, like education, environmental, and choice groups.

Joe Brower: Donate it to the Boy Scouts of America.

D. K. Dalton: I will buy a Playstation 2 or a Microsoft X-box system for my son. Anything left over will go towards credit card balances.

Carol Kahn: Since I worked for it I don't feel guilty about spending it. I want to do somethings to my house and this will help pay for some paint. Or we might take a vacation with a little extra money. would be nice for a change.

Scott Thole: Buy 2 new bicycles

Ken Lawson: Purchase a digital camera to capture my trip to Disney World.

Rita Sebastian: Put it in the savings.

Terri Mattlin: I'll use it to pay off some furniture that I purchased in March.

Aaron Hunter: Down payment for house.

Ingrid Uroshevich: I will put my refund towards my next vacation!

Tootie Niemann: Put it in a savings account

Pat Smith: I am sending it back to the Feds. They are going to need every penny in the next 5-7 years.

Ben Doepke: You mean the stuff that could have gone into education and actually made a difference? i suppose i'll give it to my girlfriend who is an excellent and yet underpaid teacher in the public school system. this should help out with securing some of the necessary quality educational materials that the government seems less than interested in providing, and that the teachers have been forced to cover out of their own, insufficient salaries.

Patty Mosketti: wow...a whole $300 ..... it may cover one month gas bill......

Frank Gilligan: I put it all in my retirement account

Rhoda Wheeler: I will save the mone,because I am sure we will be giving it back in the form of higher taxes in the future. The refund is a temporary solution to a permanent problem.

Greg Dearinger: I will buy me a full tank of gas for my car and also get my CG&E Bill caught up. It is still over $100.00 behind from the gouging we took this winter.

Melissa Bouldin: I will put it into my kids savings accounts for collge.

Kelly N: Use it to move to Atlanta, GA.

Sheila Codrington: Buy gas and make President Bush just that much richer! Since he owns tons of oil stock, why should he be concerned about gas prices? President Clinton strived so hard to balance the budget and now President Bush wants to break us again. I hope he is impeached in the near future before he succeeds!

Amanda Lucas: paying bills. It is already gone.