Monday, May 28, 2001

College sued in wake of rape report

The Associated Press

        GAMBIER, Ohio — A Kenyon College student has sued the school over its response to rape allegations against a former student.

        Margaret Rose filed suit against the college and her alleged attacker in November in U.S. District Court in Columbus.

        The male student accused of the assault filed his own federal suit against Ms. Rose and Kenyon one month later. He said the college improperly dismissed him from school after its judicial board found him guilty of violating the campus conduct code as a result of Ms. Rose's allegation.

        Ms. Rose, 20, of Zionsville, Ind., said although she doesn't regret taking legal action against the university, she's uncomfortable with the notoriety that has come to her on the 1,550-student campus.

        “People who don't know me, know about me,” she told the Columbus Dispatch in a story published Sunday.

        “I know my case came up in discussions in a bunch of different classes.

        “Now I think I'm going to transfer someplace where I have complete anonymity. I'd kind of like being a college student again.

        “Here, I feel like I'm "the girl who was raped.' ”

        School officials t said Kenyon is doing all it can to protect students and make them aware of the potential for sexual assault.

        “As much as we want this to be a safe place and we talk about Kenyon as a bubble ... I think everyone realizes that we can't totally insulate the place,” said Jane Martindell, dean for academic advising.

        Ms. Rose, now a sophomore, said the rape occurred Nov. 6, 1999, after her attacker, whom she met at a campus party, lured her to a deserted dormitory floor and dragged her into a stall in the men's bathroom.

        She felt she had done all she could once the alleged attacker was dismissed from school, but then she heard reports that he had attacked other women.



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