Tristaters look forward to tax rebates
        Within minutes of learning that Congress passed a tax-cut bill Saturday, Judy Cook knew how she would spend her rebate check.
Figure your savingsTax cut at a glanceFamilies benefit most

Tourism dropoff hits hotels hardest
        As the summer travel season begins, tourism in the Tristate is lagging, and that has hospitality industry officials worried.

State tax break spurred N.Ky. attractions
        Northern Kentucky has been the clear beneficiary of a state tourism tax break that has spurred construction of nearly half a billion dollars worth of attractions.
Tourism solid elsewhere in region

Business Headlines for  Sunday, May 27, 2001

P&G seeking ways to minimize layoffs
        Procter & Gamble Co. will keep exploring ways to keep U.S.-based layoffs to a minimum, perhaps fewer than the 900 projected in Saturday's Enquirer.

BYCZKOWSKI: Banner ads giving way to games
        The future, many say, is in “rich media”: As more users connect to the Internet through fast broadband services, advertisers will build ads fat with sound and motion. Startup Adternity of Cincinnati thinks that it has a better way: games.

Online investors learned hard lesson
        Few investors nowadays can blindly throw money into the stock market and turn a tidy profit on their own. Instead, many are turning to professionals for help.

Family sells dolphin items on Web
        Only a year into his Internet venture,, Gary Stein of College Hill has sharpened his skills as a niche marketer, and is expanding his inventory as well as his horizons.

Flying a pain for little guy
        Recently, I saw a newspaper advertisement for an airline. It promised an amazing thing — a guaranteed seat if you paid a full-fare coach price. I read and re-read the ad a few times before I understood it. What the ad didn't say, but meant, was, “All you cheapskates flying on cheap tickets, prepare to get bumped.”

Tristate Business Notes
        STG (Staging and Technical Group), formerly the staging division for Cincinnati's Iacono Productions, is now an independent company.

What's the Buzz?
        Trying to hit the market for baby bibs the same way Pampers revolutionized diaper sales in the 1950s, Procter & Gamble Co. has introduced a new line of disposable bibs.