Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Herman among 10 U.S. Open local qualifiers

By Jack Murray
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        First-year pro Jim Herman, Southwestern Ohio's top golfer in 2000, shot a 71 Monday at Maketewah and was one of 10 first-stage U.S. Open qualifiers.

        Herman, fresh from a 46th-place finish at the NGA/Hooters Tour event Sunday near Fort Wayne, Ind., and the seven other pros and two amateurs, advance to sectionals June 5 and 6 at 12 sites.

        “It's a step in the right direction,” said Herman, a St. Xavier High and University of Cincinnati product. “I've been close the last couple of years as an amateur, missing by a stroke. It's gratifying and good experience for the summer when I start play on the Golden Bear Tour in West Palm Beach. I'm pleased.”

        Herman, who plays out of Whitewater, will attempt to make the U.S. Open field at the Atlanta sectional, two days before he begins play on the Golden Bear Tour the first week in June.

        Veteran tour pro Mike Small from Illinois was medalist with a 69. Also qualifying for the sectionals and joining 2000 Met Amateur champion Herman at 71 were Chad Delaney, Scott Burnett (Four Bridges Country Club pro), former U.S. Walker Cup player Randy Leen (Kettering Alter) and local club pro Larry King.

        Chris Straley (Reeves Golf Course), Phillip Blythe, Jeremy Langley and Peter John Kelly III (St. Xavier) shot 72 and survived a five-way playoff for the final four spots. Straley and Kelly, who resides now in Charlotte, N.C., are the amateurs advancing.

        Amateur Neil Lykins (Moeller and UC) is the first alternate after being odd-man out in the playoff.

        Advancing to sectionals
        Mike Small 36-33-69
        Chad Delaney 38-33-71
        Scott Burnett 36-35-71
        Randy Leen 35-36-71
        Jim Herman 37-34-71
        Larry King 37-34-71
        Chris Straley 36-36-72
        Phillip Blythe 37-35-72
        Jeremy Langley 38-34-72
        Peter John Kelly III 37-35-72

        Neil Lykins 35-37-72
        Jarod Wolford 36-37-73
        Brad Loomis 35-38-73
        Pat Stephens 38-35-73

        Failed to qualify
        Jeffrey Ritchey 36-37-73
        Greg Sullivan 36-37-73
        Jim Ebel 37-37-74
        Tim Lindemann 35-39-74
        Sonny Rinala 35-39-74
        Jeff Lancaster 38-36-74
        Kevin Jones 38-36-74
        Brian Jones 36-38-74
        Harold Wallace 36-38-74
        Carl Tuke Jr. 37-37-74
        Tracy Mount 39-36-75
        Jim Volpenhein 36-39-75
        Thomas C. Bach 36-39-75
        Pete Ebel 36-39-75
        Martin Miller 37-38-75
        Paul Bryant Jr. 38-37-75
        Ryan Lilly 40-35-75
        Eric Rebmann 37-38-75
        Dewayne Massengale 40-36-76
        William Carboy 40-36-76
        Mark Welage 38-38-76
        Bob Hauer 37-39-76
        John Adams 40-36-76
        Todd Lancaster 38-38-76
        Bil Piliaris 38-38-76
        Tom Elfers 37-39-76
        Scott Porter 41-35-76
        David Bieterman 37-39-76
        Tom Browning 39-37-76
        Chris Sabo 38-38-76
        Paul Hobart 40-36-76
        Greg Weddington 39-37-76
        Sam Arnold 39-38-77
        Drew Tyrer 38-39-77
        Tate Prows 41-36-77
        Tom Sweeney 38-39-77
        Tim Donovan 40-37-77
        Ken Holtz 39-38-77
        David Wagenseller 38-39-77
        Joel Russell 38-39-77
        Dan Gage 40-37-77
        Andy Horn 38-39-77
        Keith Reese 38-39-77
        Lloyd Faulkner 37-40-77
        Matt Singleton 36-41-77
        Tom Walters 37-40-77
        Nick Lykins 39-38-77
        Howard Logan Jr. 38-39-77
        Paul Augenstein 40-37-77
        Mike Combs 40-37-77
        James Awsumb 37-40-77
        Jeff Marr 41-37-78
        Jerry Hounchell 40-38-78
        Glenn Spencer 38-40-78
        Bobby Bell 38-40-78
        Mark Monfort 37-41-78
        Jeffrey Floyd 39-39-78
        Al Fraiser 41-37-78
        Mike Thomas 42-36-78
        David Allan 39-39-78
        Jimmy Henderson 34-44-78
        William Lewis 40-39-79
        Tommy Cahill 41-38-79
        Jeff Steinberg 40-39-79
        Dennis Wells 38-41-79
        Brad Schmidt 40-39-79
        Taylor Wisniewski 41-38-79
        Randy Jewell 37-42-79
        Wes Homan 40-39-79
        T. Bruce Oldendick 38-41-79
        Brad Schloss 42-37-79
        Scott Ross 38-41-79
        Jerry Stanislaw 39-40-79
        David Stanton 40-39-79
        Rick Witt 39-40-79
        Wesley Loftus 43-37-80
        Randy Nauman 40-40-80
        Shawn Thacker 39-41-80
        Ross Goodson 41-39-80
        Andrew Stephens 36-44-80
        Mike Castleforte 40-40-80
        Daniel Devore 42-38-80
        Kevin Childers 41-39-80
        Brad Bannister 36-45-81
        Mike McGee 41-40-81
        Brett Slater 41-40-81
        Ryan Cate 40-41-81
        Bob Kirkham 39-42-81
        Kerry Heitkamp 37-44-81
        Todd Altman 39-42-81
        John Craynon 42-40-82
        Steve Oberschlake 41-41-82
        Phil Black 41-41-82
        Matt Amis 41-41-82
        Paul Singer 40-42-82
        Doug Levan 43-39-82
        Chris Pfaltzgraff 40-42-82
        Craig Smith 41-41-82
        Glenn Hall 40-40-80
        P.A. Rooney 39-43-82
        Michael Zedrick III 41-41-82
        Tim Rhoads 42-41-83
        Andrew Goodwin 41-42-83
        Roy Piercefield 40-43-83
        Billy Williamson 43-40-83
        Matthew Toney 44-40-84
        Kirk Hathaway 40-44-84
        Michael Lawson 41-43-84
        Bill Schuetz 43-41-84
        Fred Huston 39-45-84
        John Gagai 43-42-85
        Dennis North 42-43-85
        Calvin Duncan 43-42-85
        Gary Arnold 39-46-85
        Brian Manzella 48-38-86
        Mike Walters 43-43-86
        Louis Hopkins 43-43-86
        Jeff Hey 43-45-88
        Brad Mitchell 40-48-88
        Michael Stack 43-45-88
        Ryan Rieckhoff 47-45-92
        Charles Nieman 50-44-94
        Justin Cross DQ
        Ronnie Dozier NC
        Bill Graham NC
        Jim Kraft WD
        Stephen Landrum WD
        Brandon Parsons WD
        Allen Kennedy DNS
        Ryan Coyne DNS
        Brian Fogt DNS
        Brett Wetterich DNS

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