The year that was in TV
        Another year down the tubes. A TV year that will be remembered as the season of Kentucky Joe, hanging chads, Dr. Laura, Jackass and the Weakest Link.

Minorities at greater risk in pregnancy
        American Indian, Asian and Hispanic women are much more likely to die from pregnancy complications than white women, government research shows.

S U N D A Y   S P O T L I G H T
Jay Leno: TV's top jester
        As Jay Leno starts his 10th year hosting The Tonight Show, he's still not comfortable with the fame and fortune from TV's top-rated late-night show.

Tempo Headlines for  Monday, May 21, 2001

Ask A Stupid Question
        I was sitting in church behind three bald men. I noticed all their heads were shiny. Their necks weren't, and neither were their faces. What gives with the shiny domes?

Teen's driving dreams come 'crashing' down
        When you sit down to read the morning paper, you are barraged with many highly debated issues. One is the peril of teen driving. Commonly, mom flirts with cardiac arrest at home because junior has taken the car to the store for some milk. The buzz is merited, given the high rate of juvenile accidents and fatalities.

May Festival peaks with Bach
        Saturday's performance of J.S. Bach's Mass in B Minor, not heard here since 1979, will be remembered as one of the great May Festival performances of our time.

Get to It
        A guide to help make your day.

Table tennis can be a workout
        The other day, my dad and I were talking about the “Green Monster” that lives in our basement.

Shaping abdomen takes a balanced approach
        I have been doing extra work for the past couple of months to get mystomach area tighter by doing crunches and using and ab-trainer type thing. I have become better at doing the exercises but no real changes in theabdominal area. What am I doing wrong?

Runner's advice: Be able to smile at end
        Jeff Galloway may be a former Olympic runner, but he doesn't coach his clients to go for the gold at all costs.

Fit Bits
        Ways to stay active and healthy.

'Shrek' dominates box office
        LOS ANGELES — DreamWorks won ugly at the weekend box office with Shrek, a tale of an ogre with a heart that recorded the second-highest opening ever for an animated film, according to studio estimates Sunday.

S P E C I A L   S E C T I O N
Summer camp guide provides hundreds of listings for kids' fun and instruction.

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