Monday, May 21, 2001

Ask A Stupid Question

Bald heads shine because . . . inner beauty is aglow

By Jim Knippenberg
The Cincinnati Enquirer


        Question: I was sitting in church behind three bald men. I noticed all their heads were shiny. Their necks weren't, and neither were their faces. What gives with the shiny domes?

        Answer: This one took a meeting of several minds in the dermatology department at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. They came up with a consensus, warning that it's more enlightened opinion than hard-core fact.

        Part one of the answer has to do with oil glands. They're pretty plentiful and pretty active on the face and scalp. Said oil would give the head a bit a sheen.

        Part two of the answer has to do with hair. Or the lack thereof. Most of the body has at least some hair providing a bit of shade. But the bald head generally has none and is exposed straight on to the sun, causing a pinkish glow.

        That color and the extra oil are responsible for the shine.


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