Nonfamily units boom in city
        The number of nonfamily households — be they roommates, unmarried heterosexual couples, gay couples or people living alone — increased by 24 percent in the 2000 Census, a rate faster than occurred nationally.
Numbers on family, non-family households

Hyde Park slaying puzzles neighbors
        For the five years Randy Davis and Andy Schmidt lived in Hyde Park, they spoke of grand landscaping plans that never materialized.

S U N D A Y   S P O T L I G H T
Ticket prices get cranked up
        Look around the next time you are at Riverbend. There's a good chance none of you paid the same price for comparable tickets.

Local Headlines for  Monday, May 21, 2001

Flooding possible with rain forecast
        The rising waters of the Ohio River claimed their first casualty Sunday: Riverbend Music Center's season-opening concert. With a rainy week in the forecast, more problems are possible in Southwest Ohio.

Program aims to reduce riverside risk
        MOSCOW — Jackie Wells and Don Rice like it here where the river rolls by. That's why they've stayed, even after the river came up in March 1997, surrounding and then enveloping their home, filling their first floor with more than 3 feet of river water and mud.

RADEL: Downtown volunteers disband
        Taste of Cincinnati has lost hundreds of volunteers. The UpDowntowners are no more.

BRONSON: The island America forgot
        Two people on a desert island. One white, one black. They can't get along, and can't get along without each other. They call it Cincinnati.

Teacher's heart transplant inspires Hughes
        Jim Maurmeier continues to recuperate from a heart transplant in Cleveland, but his Hughes Center students still haven't recovered from the absence of their beloved math teacher.

Penalty proposed for race profiling
        WASHINGTON — Black and Hispanic lawmakers have proposed a bill that would withhold federal transportation money from states that fail to ban racial profiling by police.

WILKINSON: Maneuvers puzzle Heimlich observers
        You probably couldn't get him to do this, but if you could stand Cincinnati Councilman Phil Heimlich in the center of a well-lit room and circled him several times, examining his skull, you might be surprised at what you find.

Butler Co. commission will impose higher tax
        Butler County residents can expect a sales tax increase that will be targeted at boosting the county's business and industrial base.

County law enforcers honored
        More than a dozen awards were handed out for exemplary service Saturday night at the 34th annual Hamilton County Law Enforcement Awards at the Radisson Hotel in Sharonville.

Local Digest
        CLEVELAND — Less than 1 percent of Ohio taxpayers have claimed the state's new “use tax” on items they bought online or out-of-state, but the state won't be going after those who didn't pay.

Miami U. leases building for community theater
        OXFORD — A local landmark is coming out of mothballs to serve the community.

Prospect House gives hope, help
        Jim Wilson of Rising Sun, Ind., began drinking when he was 8 years old and an alcoholic was born, he says.

You Asked For It
        Question: Hamilton County just installed curbs on Loveland-Madeira Road between Kemper Road and Cottonwood Drive. I do not see how any study was done to look at the traffic flow.

Arts Jam! draws people to day of creativity, music
        HAMILTON — Sunday's Great Miami Arts Jam! lived up to its name, as people of all ages came together to have fun, and make art and music.

Attempt to computerize fails
        COLUMBUS — The computer licensing project for the state's regulatory boards has been shut down after more than two years and a $1.7 million investment.

Bluegrass State grows gray
        FRANKFORT — The latest load of data from the Census Bureau shows a monster wave gathering strength and speed on the not-too-distant horizon.

        Carrie Weissmann, a senior majoring in marketing and international business, was named to the fall and winter dean's lists at the University of Cincinnati.

Mall developer to share role in Traficant case
        CLEVELAND — A Youngstown millionaire who helped build the careers of many politicians is playing a prominent role in helping the government try to convict U.S. Rep. James A. Traficant Jr.

Museum honors 'end of the pike'
        SPRINGFIELD, Ohio — Transportation made this west-central Ohio city important from frontier times until today, and is the focus of a museum that's opened in its century-old former City Hall.

State may extend Bank One deal
        COLUMBUS — The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services could get up to a 12-month extension on a contract with Bank One to collect and disburse child support payments.

Townships, cities debate Ohio annexation changes
        COLUMBUS — Efforts by rural officials to change state law governing how cities acquire township land have neared a conclusion in the Legislature.