Monday, May 21, 2001

You Asked For It

Barriers there for a reason

By Walt Schaefer
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Question: Hamilton County just installed curbs on Loveland-Madeira Road between Kemper Road and Cottonwood Drive. I do not see how any study was done to look at the traffic flow. The curbs prevent drivers from turning into certain businesses, and also prevent drivers from turning left onto Cottonwood. If eight cars are going straight on Loveland-Madeira, the dividers block cars that are turning left from getting around the cars going straight and getting into the left-turn lane. They widened the road to add a center turning lane and then put objects in the road that prevent people from using that lane. I have lived here for a number of years and can tell you for certain that these dividers will cause longer delays, damage to people's tires and accidents. - David Centers, Loveland

        Answer: Tim Gilday, planning and design engineer with the Hamilton County Engineer's Office, said the island was installed to regulate the left turns into numerous driveways on the opposite side of the street. Mr. Gilday said there have been complaints about large trucks having inadequate space to make right turns out of driveways, and the engineer's office is attempting to provide more room. There are slots in the median that will allow motorists to make left turns to drives that access several businesses. Businesses were informed of the plans when the project began and, while some concerns were expressed, owners understood the reason for the barriers.

        Q. I live on Pippin Road in Colerain Township where there is a 35 mph speed limit. Vehicles, including school buses and big rigs, go down this road at 50-55 mph. Can you look into this? - Charles Vann, Colerain Township

        A. Sgt. Tom Butler of the Hamilton County sheriff's patrol division has ordered mobile speed limit alert and warning signs placed on Pippin Road to assess speeding and monitor the location. Patrol officers have been advised to provide more concentrated patrol of the area, he said.

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