Sunday, May 20, 2001

Five Questions with Jerry Glanville

        Jerry Glanville used to be Public Enemy No. 1 in Cincinnati — or at least to former Bengals coach Sam Wyche. Last weekend the former Houston Oilers/Atlanta Falcons coach made a rare visit to the area, as he finished 10th in an ARCA stock car race at Kentucky Speedway.

        Glanville, 59, has raced part-time for the last decade and is now an NFL studio analyst for CBS and HBO. (Glanville was Oilers coach from 1985-89 and Falcons coach from 1990-93).

        Enquirer auto racing writer Tom Groeschen interviewed Glanville at Kentucky Speedway last week. Among the topics was Wyche's Bengals running up the score on Glanville's Oilers, 61-7, in a 1989 game in Cincinnati.

        1. Ever talk to your old buddy Sam?

        I saw him at the Super Bowl, we did a thing for CBS together. We said hello. ... That was a great division, that AFC Central. There's no football like that any more. All the teams, to their credit, tried to brutally maim the other team, and they could all play. Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Cleveland, any of them could kick your butt. None of the coaches talked to anybody else, and that was even more fun.

        2. Do you carry any animosity from that 61-7 game, or any feelings toward those other coaches from back then?

        Nah, I never see them. You get that from competing. I'm not competing against Sam anymore. But (Pittsburgh's) Chuck Noll, myself, (Cleveland's) Marty Schottenheimer, we never had a team picture. We never had the four of us together. They used to always take pictures of the division coaches: "Here's the coaches in each division, here's the AFC East, the AFC West.' There never was an AFC Central photo.

        3. You used to coach in this area, at Reading High School. What do you remember about that?

        It was back in '66 or '67, around there. I was an assistant coach for one year. Actually, I was gone before the year was over. (Laughs) Took a college job. But we had some great competitors at Reading. We only had 17 kids. I used to holler, "Punt team!,' and one guy went in. We beat schools that had 100 guys on the other sideline. Our kids had guts. Had a kid named (Ken) Minor, I think he became the coach there. (He did) He was an all-time, spill-your-guts guy.

        4. Have you been back to Cincinnati recently?

        Nah, but I go through the airport. Hate the airport. Every time I have a flight here, they cancel it. ... I do remember when I was in the NFL, and staying at that hotel by the water fountain. (Fountain Square). I used to stay on the top floor. It was about my favorite hotel.

        5. You obviously have a passion for racing, but this is the first ARCA race you've been in this year. How do you decide where and when to race?

        I'd do it more often, but the only thing keeping me from doing it is money. It's very expensive. ... The reason we came to Kentucky is because it's the 100th track we've ever been to. Never been to the same one twice. I've been to all of 'em, and this place is tremendous.


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