Tuesday, May 15, 2001

A look at Covington school proposals

        Here's a brief look at the seven proposals:

        • Proposal 1: The district would have seven elementary schools housing kindergarten through sixth grade. The advanced-placement program, which has about 130 students, would move to First District.

        Other changes include moving West Covington students from First District to Fourth District, shifting John G. Carlisle's students that live on the west side of Interstate 75/71 to First District and sending some Sixth District students to Fourth District.

        • Proposal 2: All kindergartners would go to First District, and the other six elementary schools would serve first through sixth grades.

        First District would be similar to the district's preschool program, the James E. Biggs Early Childhood Education Center.

        Beyond kindergarten, First District students would move to Fourth District and Carlisle.

        This plan would also create three advanced-placement programs: language arts, social studies and physical education at Latonia; math, science and foreign language at Fourth District; and music and art at Carlisle.

        • Proposal 3: All sixth-graders would attend First District, making the other six kindergarten through fifth grade. The sixth-grade advanced program would be at First District, while the fourth- and fifth-grade program would move to Fourth District.

        If successful, this plan could open the door to turning First District into a middle school. State officials have encouraged the district to move the junior high students off the Holmes campus.

        • Proposal 4: First District would become an advanced-placement school for fourth through 12th grades. The other six elementary schools would be kindergarten through sixth grade, and all other current First District students would go to Fourth District.

        • Proposal 5: The district would evenly divide enrollment among seven elementary schools. The advanced program would remain at Latonia.

        This plan would make few changes to the existing boundaries.

        • Proposal 6: The boundaries are similar to those in proposal 5, but students on East 13th and Pleasant streets would go to Latonia Elementary.

        • Proposal 7: Ninth District would house all sixth-graders.

        Glenn O. Swing, Sixth District, Fourth District and First District would house children in kindergarten through third grade, and Latonia and John G. Carlisle would take fourth- and fifth-graders.

        Of the seven proposals, the first three are Mr. Moreland's recommendations, the next two were suggested by community members, and the final two by school faculty.

        The two proposed by the community leave the racial balance at Latonia Elementary virtually unchanged.


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