Monday, May 14, 2001

You Asked For It

Dana exit signals will be replaced

By Walt Schaefer
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        QUESTION: As traffic has increased in the Edwards Road area, more cars are exiting Interstate 71 at the Dana Avenue exit to access the Hyde Park and Mount Lookout neighborhoods. During evening rush hour a substantial backup occurs at the intersection of Dana and Madison Road. It takes several light cycles to clear the intersection. Can the timing be adjusted? - Jeff Osterman, Hyde Park

        ANSWER: Because of development in this area, particularly Norwood's Rookwood Commons and Rookwood Pavilion, an entirely new signal system is planned to cope with increased traffic. The intersection of Madison and Edwards Road also is included, said Cincinnati Traffic Engineer Steve Bailey. The system should be installed in about a year. Meanwhile, traffic engineers will review this intersection to see if any stop-gap measures can be implemented.

        Q. It has been two years since Reading Road was resurfaced in Avondale. On southbound Reading at Whittier Street, there appears to be an unfinished turn lane onto east-bound Whittier. Is there a turn lane there? - Jay Johnson, Springfield Township

        A. Mr. Bailey said the lane that appears unfinished to southbound Reading Road motorists is marked for northbound traffic to turn left onto Hickman Street. Southbound drivers turning left onto Whittier use the left of the two southbound lanes. This design was necessitated because Whittier and Hickman do not form a single intersection with Reading, but are offset, he said.

        Q. There is a new sign on I-71 south at exit 43, between the Montgomery Road “on” ramp and the William Howard Taft Road exit. It was installed behind another sign and the obstruction makes it impossible to read. Will this be rectified? - Ted Banks, Evanston

        A. The obstructing sign, which provided information about Riverfront and downtown destinations, has been moved, Mr. Bailey said.

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