Preaching to the chorus
        As director of choruses for the Cincinnati May Festival Chorus and Cleveland Orchestra Chorus — two of the United States' finest volunteer choruses — Robert Porco is something of a rarity.
May Festival schedule

Unicycling across country
        Phil Dalton's goal is visibility. Well, let's see: He's perched 7 feet above the highway, pedaling a unicycle from Los Angeles to Cincinnati.

Weekend entertainment guide
        News, movie and diving reviews and lists of events in the Tristate.

Over rainbow, dreams come true
img         Enquirer photographer Glenn Hartong waited eight years for the shot. Here's how he got it.
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Tempo Headlines for  Sunday, May 13, 2001

DAUGHERTY: A lemon will give that young squirt character
        Kids these days drive those 12-ton Eddie Bauer Ford Gladiators and Chevrolet Suburban Marxist Guerrillas that sleep six and come with their own mulching mowers, for when you get tired of sitting in traffic behind a godforsaken Escort.

Greenhornes gain more fans on tour
        The bookings are getting better and the crowds are getting bigger for Cincinnati garage-rock kings the Greenhornes.

Retired prof moved by chess sets
        Dr. Alan S. Engel, 69, professor emeritus at Miami University, collects unusual chess sets.

DEMALINE: Community gets passionate about playwriting
        University of Cincinnati professor of English Norma Jenckes is passionate about playwriting. She teaches it every year. She founded Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative, and she is a staunch advocate for a serious playwriting lab here.

'Piano' teaches dramatic lesson
        The next time Rocky Carroll decides to grace Cincinnati with a performance in an August Wilson drama — and cross your fingers that it will be soon — do yourself a favor. Be there. Bring your theater-loving friends.

UC ballet teacher retiring
        When I arrived in the Tristate in the late '70s and began looking for a good ballet class, University of Cincinnati's Oleg Sabline was the repeated suggestion. His classes, I was told, were thorough and satisfying.

Ballet's Peter Pan beguiling
        Cincinnati Ballet's Peter Pan has all the sweetness you'd want. Parents, this is as good as it gets for introducing the kids to ballet. Judging from the little ones sitting around me at Friday's opening, there's plenty to giggle at and the story line is abundantly clear.

CCM triumphs in first performance of 'Rusalka'
        “Neither woman nor water nymph. I cannot live; I cannot die!” sings Rusalka, the tragic title figure in the lyric fairy tale by Dvorak. The enchanting production of Rusalka performed for the first time by the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music was a triumph in every respect.

Hard-core fans sing for Peace
        There were plenty of Smashing Pumpkins knockoffs five years ago. Today, to sound like that band is to carve a singular niche in the modern-rock marketplace.

KENDRICK: Talking ATMs sound sweet
        It isn't often that I wish to live anywhere but Cincinnati. An experience last month in Los Angeles and news last week in Columbus and Chicago triggered twinges of wistfulness, however.

Food Headlines for  Sunday, May 13, 2001

From Mom's kitchen to you
        Ask almost anyone about their favorite foods, their memories of cooking and eating, and you'll hear about their mother. Food professionals are no different, and many restaurants' success can be traced to Mom's kitchen.

MARTIN: Granny's pound cake rich in memories
        I'm not sure why I avoided making my grandmother's pound cake for so long. Maybe I never tried until recently because I didn't want to believe anyone else — even me — could make that cake the way I remembered it.

Chefs sell soft shells in short season
        For about six hours each spring, blue crabs swim around without their shells. They've shed the old ones and the new haven't hardened. If you catch a crab right then, you can eat it shell and all.

Find good beers where you shop
        I receive a great deal of e-mail in response to this column, and I try to answer each message. This week, I want to showcase my two most frequently asked questions.

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