Home is where the porn is
        The last of Hamilton County's peep shows and adult movie theaters lost their fights with the vice squad long ago. Now, thousands of residents buy pornography from mail-order companies, satellite dishes, cable TV and Web sites. The shift has fundamentally changed the concept of community standards.
Legal standard full of confusion
Hamilton County's battles over porn

Burned body of child found in park
        The family of a missing Silverton boy said they hope the body of a child found Saturday morning isn't his.

Taft criticized as ineffective
        For five months the governor has been locked in intense debate with Senate President Richard Finan and House Speaker Larry Householder over how to comply with an Ohio Supreme Court order to overhaul Ohio's public school system. Lawmakers and others say the school crisis put Mr. Taft through the biggest test of his political career. Yet not even Mr. Taft's fellow Republicans give the governor high marks.

Local Headlines for  Sunday, May 13, 2001

Cincinnati is greater than we think
        About 160 years ago, Dickens visited our city and found it worth writing about. Visitors still are impressed, despite the jolt to Cincinnati's wholesome image from rioting in April.
How metros in our region rank

Editorial: We need a regional strategy
        The biggest threat to our region in two words? Donut effect.

Lynch draws on lessons of civil-rights movement
        The Rev. Damon Lynch III learned the lessons of civil disobedience as an 8-year-old boy peering through the stair railings of his parents' North Avondale home. In the living room, his father, the Rev. Damon Lynch Jr., the Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth, Otis Moss and other civil-rights leaders mapped out strategies to fight injustices of the day.

History student meets his subject
        DELHI TOWNSHIP — Jay Hess' research paper on the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth earned him an A — and touched his life.

PULFER: Fear, guilt just part of mother's job
        Maybe they won't admit it, but this must be a troubling day for many moms. Especially the new ones. Especially the ones already riddled with doubt.

BRONSON: A Mother's Day story
        Here's my wish today. It's not exactly a Hallmark card — more like something from Willie & Waylon: “Mothers, don't let your babies grow up to be outlaws.

Jewelry favorite gift for mom
        Hottest Mother's Day gift? “Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry — and did I mention jewelry?” said Pam Bloom, manager of People's Pottery in Rookwood Commons.

Reds, concert will jam riverfront
        If you've scored tickets for tonight's Reds game or the Billy Joel-Elton John concert, take some advice: Arrive early.

WILKINSON: Despite unrest, Luken is no loser
        The week after the riots in Cincinnati, Time magazine chose Mayor Charlie Luken to be in its weekly “Winners & Losers” feature. As one of the latter.

CROWLEY: When does growth become bad?
        Try to build something in Northern Kentucky these days. Go ahead, try. Chances are, it won't be easy.

Power poles not wanted
        FORT THOMAS — There may not be a more appropriately named street in this Campbell County city than Woodland Place.

Court battle over 1808 house
        LEBANON — The city and a former councilman will square off in court Monday over the value of Lebanon's oldest standing house.

Crestview Hills celebrates 50 years as community
        CRESTVIEW HILLS — When this Kenton County city was incorporated in 1951, it was so small that it operated on a $1,000 budget, its council met in rented space and it shared a single police officer with neighboring Lakeside Park.

Drowned man's body recovered from river
        NEWPORT — Boone County and Cincinnati water rescue units Friday night recovered the body of Michael P. Haney, 24, of Newport from the Licking River.

Local Digest
        SHARONVILLE — A 36-year-old Detroit man was charged with raping a 10-year-old girl Friday night at the Preston Hotel, in the 2200 block of Sharon Road.

Locked-out steel crews attend rally
        MIDDLETOWN — Don Metz Jr. has worked at the steel plant in Mansfield for 18 years. He's a third-generation steelworker, but hasn't worked since September 1999.

School plans new rankings
        OXFORD — Talawanda High School juniors John Saas and Sylvia Bartow say they can now compete equally with classmates for valedictorian status next year.

Walk-ins more than levy margin
        HAMILTON — Edgewood School officials do not think the outcome of Tuesday's election will change once 83 walk-in votes are counted later this month.

        Junior Tricia Fetters was named to the first semester dean's list of the College of Arts and Sciences at Loyola University in Chicago.

Kentucky Education Notes
        ALEXANDRIA — Campbell County Schools' second annual District Academic Recognition Program will be 7 p.m. Thursday in the Campbell County High School auditorium.

Gypsy moths on way to central Ohio
        COLUMBUS — The state Agriculture Department says gypsy moths are on their way to central Ohio and will arrive there sometime this summer.

Pro-gun women plan rally
        DAYTON, Ohio — The Second Amendment Sisters, a group of pro-gun activists that includes many mothers, will rally on Mother's Day in opposition to tighter gun control laws.