Sunday, May 13, 2001

Jewelry favorite gift for mom

By Amy Higgins
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Hottest Mother's Day gift? “Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry — and did I mention jewelry?” said Pam Bloom, manager of People's Pottery in Rookwood Commons.

        Husbands, sons and daughters spent Saturday seeking just the right presents and cards for their beloved mothers and wives.

        Still don't have the perfect gift? Better find something soon — today's the big day.

        Of course, you could always do old standbys: cards, flowers, or breakfast in bed. Bret France of Blue Ash, however, decided on some clothes from Talbot's (plus the Hallmark card).

        On Saturday, West Chester's Laura Parsons was a 6-year-old with a mission. She was determined to find an animal figurine for her mother, Loretta Parsons. Father/husband Tom said he was looking for a ceramic heart for his wife.

        But for Laura's grandmother, she went the jewelry route.

        “A flower bracelet,” she said, forgetting to mention the accompanying necklace.

        Ms. Bloom said jewelry accounts for about 85 percent of the Mother's Day gifts she's sold this year. Amount spent runs the gamut, but gifts average $100 to $200.

        Mother's Day spending does seem to be on the rise, she said. Plus, more men than women are dropping the big bucks, mostly for their wives.

        “It is a bigger deal than it used to be,” she said. “Every mom will agree — you can never use too much jewelry.”


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