Friday, May 11, 2001

Morning Memo

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Today's number: $6.2 billion

        Amount U.S. consumer credit increased in March, the slowest pace in almost 1 1/2 years as households limited credit card use and demand for loans declined, Federal Reserve statistics show.

Today's money tip

        With another big jump in fuel prices expected this summer, here is a tip from the MSN Web site. When planning a vacation, remember the role topography has on fuel efficiency. Driving up a mountain road with a 7 percent grade can cut fuel economy by as much as 25 percent.

Today's career advice

        Rebounding in basketball is a metaphor for work and life, writes Bill Russell, a former professional basketball player and author of Russell Rules.

        Being a great rebounder, like being a great businessman, requires passion, brains and talent. It also requires resilience — the ability to recover from misfortune.

        “Failures and setbacks occur all the time,” Mr. Russell says. “Each one of us deals with adversity differently. The way we deal with adversity is how we define ourselves.”

Today's company: Louis Trauth Dairy Inc.

        Mooers and shakers: The dairy was founded in 1920 in Newport. It became part of Suiza Foods Corp. of Dallas in January 1998. About 20 percent of its sales is ice cream; other products include orange juice, fruit drinks and eggs.

        Top seller: While Trauth is well-known for its chocolate milk and its personal-size beverage containers, its increasingly popular product is Fat Free Plus a/B milk, which contains acidophilus and bifidum, which provide the bacteria needed to maintain digestive systems.

        Brands: Sixty percent of Trauth's products are sold under its name; the balance is sold under private labels. Most of its products are sold in retail establishments, especially through convenience stores.

Today's mover

        Cheryl L. Borland has joined the law firm of Thompson Hine & Flory LLP as a staff attorney in the real estate practice group. She focuses her practice on commercial real estate transactions. She is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University and Salmon P. Chase College of Law.


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