Comair waits for tally
        As Comair's pilots Thursday began voting on a deal that could end their 47-day strike, the company kept up the pressure, starting with an appearance by the president of Comair's owner.

Cash registers rang gaily in April
        Most major retailers reported better-than-expected sales for April, as consumers, enticed by warmer weather, bought up lawn mowers and shorts.

S U N D A Y   S P O T L I G H T
Stakes huge in vote by pilots
        Comair pilots are now at the controls; after six weeks on strike, they can put the airline back in the air, or keep it grounded.
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Business Headlines for  Friday, May 11, 2001

Computer technology helping speed products to market
        A plethora of products — from new automobiles to cellphones with the latest features — is putting increasing pressure on product designers to come up with new designs and prototypes at an increasing pace.

Boeing lands on Chicago as its new headquarters
        CHICAGO — Boeing Co. Thursday selected Chicago as its new world headquarters, following an intense three-way sweepstakes that leaves the bulk of Boeing's Seattle work force behind.

Rivals ready for Dobbs
        NEW YORK — The arrival of Lou Dobbs back on the set of CNN's Moneyline next Monday is being treated like the return of an emperor. But not everyone is so welcoming.

Industry notes: Manufacturing
        Employees of Formica Corp., the Evendale maker of high-pressure laminate, spent a couple of hours this week away from their jobs attending the company's first “Quality Fair,” aimed at heightening employee awareness of the importance of quality in their jobs.

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