Thursday, May 10, 2001

N.Ky. track results

Girls track

        Boone County Championships

        (at Boone County High School)

        Team scores: 1. Boone County 102, 2. St. Henry 92, 3. Ryle 89, 4. Walton-Verona 35, 5. Conner 26.

        Event winners: 3200R—St. Henry 10:19; 100H—Jones (B) 15.5; 100—Jones (B) 12.4; 800R—Boone County 1:52.2; 1600—Steffan (S) 5:51; 400R—Boone County 52.1; 400—Williams (B) 63.4; 300H—Jones (B) 47.4; 800—Murphy (S) 2:30; 200—Voss (R) 28.5; 3200—Franke (R) 12:46; 1600R—St. Henry 4:22.1; LJ— Williams (B) 15-7; SP—Schmidt (W) 33-10; D—Schmidt (W) 72-10; TJ—Williams (B) 34-1; HJ—Funken (R) 5-2.

Boys track

        Boone County Championships

        (at Boone County High School)

        Team scores: 1. St. Henry 98, 2. Boone County 94, 3. Ryle 83, 4. Conner 50, 5. Walton-Verona 21.

        Event winners: 3200R—St. Henry 8:25; 110H—Nieman (B) 15.0; 100—Clifford (B) 11.3; 800R—Boone County 1:35.4; 1600-Tracy (R) 4:45; 400R— Boone County 45.5; 400—Franks (S) 53.5; 300H—Nieman (B) 42.6; 800— McLane (S) 2:05; 200—Clifford (B) 23.2; 3200—Tracy (R) 10:19; 1600R—St. Henry 3:38; D—Franklin (B) 130-9; LJ—Crooker (C) 20-3 1/2; TJ—Hammons (B) 38-8; HJ— Nicholson (S) 5-10.


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