Tuesday, May 08, 2001

Time line of events

        April 7, 2 20 a.m. Cincinnati Officer Steve Roach, who had been pursuing 19-year-old Timothy Thomas in Over-the-Rhine, shoots the unarmed African-American at 13th and Republic streets. Mr. Thomas is declared dead at 3 02 a.m. He is the 15th African-American to die in the custody of Cincinnati police since 1995.

        April 9 A group of citizens takes over a City Council committee meeting, demanding to know why Mr. Thomas was shot. That night, protesters break City Hall windows and gather outside police headquarters on Ezzard Charles Drive.

        April 10 Civil unrest turns violent; a large crowd of protesters overturns planters, hot dog stands, breaks windows and pulls several white motorists from their cars and assaults them.
        April 11 Random violence - arson, assault, looting, property destruction and shooting - unfolds from Over-the-Rhine to Norwood. A Cincinnati police officer is shot, but his belt buckle deflects the bullet and he is not injured. A Justice Department team arrives in the city to investigate if it should launch a civil-rights investigation into the “patterns and practices” of Cincinnati's police division.
        April 12 Mayor Charlie Luken declares a state of emergency and announces a citywide curfew beginning at 8 p.m. It ends after four nights, with calm restored.
        April 13 Under pressure from some city council members, Kent Ryan steps down as the city's public safety director. He cites health reasons.
        April 14 Mr. Thomas is buried. An investigation is launched after six Cincinnati SWAT officers are accused by witnesses of shooting beanbags into a peaceful crowd at Liberty and Elm streets after Mr. Thomas' funeral.

        April 16 The six officers, said to be emotionally devastated by being under criminal investigation from the FBI, are put on paid leave for two weeks. (All are now back to work.)

        April 26 Two of four people hit by beanbags in the April 14 incident after Mr. Thomas' funeral file a civil lawsuit seeking at least $2 million.

        May 2 City Manager John Shirey, criticized by some city council members for his handling of the unrest and riots, agrees to resign effective Dec. 1.

        May 3 A Hamilton County grand jury begins hearing evidence in the case of Mr. Thomas' shooting.

        Monday: Grand jury returns charges of negligent homicide and obstructing official business, both misdemeanors, against Officer Roach. Earlier in the day, the U.S. Justice Department announced a formal investigation into whether Cincinnati police have used a pattern of excessive force that has violated the civil rights of residents.

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