Tuesday, May 08, 2001

Tax issues dominate ballots today

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Two dozen school levies, bond issues and municipal issues will be put before voters throughout Greater Cincinnati today. Annual tax increases based on a $100,000 house:

Butler County
        • Countywide: One-quarter-point increase in sales tax for five years for public transit.

        • Edgewood: A 6.9-mill continuing operating levy for schools. Tax increase: $211.

        • Fairfield: 2.9-mill continuing operating levy for schools. Increase: $89.

        • Middletown: A 4.35-mill renewal of a three-year operating levy for schools. No increase.

        • Monroe: A 4.35-mill, five-year operating levy for schools. No increase.

        • West Chester Township: Police levies, 4.5-mill replacement and a new 2.5-mill issue. Increase: $95.

Clermont County
        • Milford: A $43.6 million bond issue, or a 4.1-mill property tax increase for phase one of a school facilities project. Increase: $125.

        • Milford: Renew 5.4-mill, five-year emergency medical services levy. Increase: $36.

Hamilton County
        • Elmwood Place: 2-mill fire levy renewal for five years. No tax increase.

        • Indian Hill: Residents will decide whether they want to give the village the option of negotiating elec tricity rates on their behalf.

        • Loveland: Additional 2-mill fire levy. Increase: $60.

        • Mount Healthy: 1.54-mill replacement operations levy for five years.

        • St. Bernard: Charter for city government.

        • Sharonville: Half-a-percentage point increase in the city earnings tax.

        • Woodlawn: Sale of 15 acres to the state for use by the Ohio National Guard and Woodlawn to build a training/community center.

Warren County
        • Carlisle: Two school issues, including a 2-mill continuing permanent improvement levy. Increase: $14. Also, 3.8-mill bond issue for classroom additions. Increase: $116.

        • Clearcreek Township: 3.85-mill fire levy. Increase: $118.

        • Deerfield Township: Replace 3.95-mill fire levy with 4.8 mills. Increase: $26.

        • Lebanon: A $50 million bond issue for school facilities. Increase: $177.

        • Mason: A phase-in school operating levy that begins at 6.95 mills and increases 1.5 mills each of the next two years. Increase: $213 in 2002, rising $46 in 2003 and in 2004.

        • Springboro: Renewal of 1.2-mill emergency operating levy (no increase) and 2.14-mill permanent improvement levy. Increase: $75.

        • Wayne: 2-mill permanent improvement levy for schools.


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