Some pastors calling timeout
        Looking back, the Rev. Terry Fields recognizes he was headed toward burnout. Twelve years into full-time ministry, he was weary, worn out, unfocused.

PBS lifts the veil on Islamic religion
        Be honest: Who do you know more about, Muhammad Ali or Muhammad the Prophet? The boxer, right? I was the same way, until Islam: Empire of Faith, a 2 1/2-hour PBS documentary airing Tuesday (8 p.m. Channels 48, 54; 9 p.m. Channel 16).

S U N D A Y   S P O T L I G H T
A play-by-play with Lanford Wilson
        America's best playwrights are poets of place.
Beautiful 'Talley's Folly' too reverential
Starstruck casts meet Wilson
Tempo Headlines for  Monday, May 07, 2001

Child's loss of belief makes mom a little sad
        The neatly printed message on the yellow lined piece of paper was testimony to her innocence. “Dear Tooth Fairy,” it read.

Ask A Stupid Question
        I'm new to the area — three years — and looking for an answer. Why is Cincinnati called the Queen City? I've asked several natives and even they don't know the answer. Help!

Get to It
        A guide to help make your day

Walking 1,088 miles without leaving home
        It is not every day that Enquirer cameras invade the workout center at TriHealth Fitness Pavilion in Blue Ash. Today, the spotlight is on Jim Galati, 64, of West Chester Township. His workout buddies look at him with wonder.

Most folks need to master fitness basics
        I talk about the basics because that's what Americans are having trouble learning and consistently adhering to.

Grandaddy aims Americana spaceward
        Grandaddy is living in the future. It's the future of pop music's past, where the Rolling Stones' 2000 Man shakes hands with David Bowie's Major Tom. And it's the future that we're supposed to be living now, the one we saw on the Jetsons.

S P E C I A L   S E C T I O N
Summer camp guide provides hundreds of listings for kids' fun and instruction.

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