Sunday, May 06, 2001

Starstruck casts meet Wilson

        Playwright Lanford Wilson got such a kick out of the idea of an informal festival of his work that he decided to pay Cincinnati a visit. It was a last-minute decision.

        The playwright, who prefers not to fly, agreed to a 10-hour road trip that brought him to Cincinnati in time for a series of events.

        Actors and directors were giddy at a late afternoon reception Wednesday at Playhouse in the Park where Mr. Wilson and director Marshall Mason chatted with the locals.

        He went on to the opening of A Sense of Place at ETC, was an unannounced guest for sessions Thursday at University of Cincinnati and was in the audience at the Thursday night opening of Talley's Folly at the Playhouse.

        What sent smaller theaters into a frenzy of nerves was his decision to stick around and catch Redwood Curtain by Know Theatre Tribe on Friday and attend Saturday rehearsals for one-acts by Ovation and IF's Burn This.

        “Oh, my God,” was the heartfelt sigh from IF's Benjamin Mosse. “Oh ... my ... God.”

        Mr. Wilson casually mentioned to the IF gang that he hasn't seen his play since regular Tony and Oscar contender Joan Allen starred on Broadway. Corinne Mohlenhoff, who takes the role here, was “a little freaked” midweek, Mr. Mosse reports.

        Deborah Ludwig, Joe Stollenwerk and their Ovation colleagues were shimmering with excitement and fretting over their crummy rehearsal space.

        Not to worry, Playhouse's Ed Stern says, reassuringly. “It can't be any worse than off-off-Broadway in the '60s.”

— Jackie Demaline


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