Sunday, May 06, 2001

Reality check

        Here's a recap of Survivor: The Australian Outback, which ended Thursday with nurse Tina Wesson of Knoxville, Tenn., winning $1 million. Runner-up Colby Donaldson won $100,000.

Best news for us

       The lasting image of Survivor 2 will be that of two good friends, Tina and Colby, holding hands during the vote count. What a nice memory, compared to Susan Hawk's ugly diatribe in last summer's finale.


       Tina and Keith say their alliance was forged in the fourth episode (Feb. 15), when they broke Ogakor ranks to vote out 7-foot Mitchell Olson instead of chef Keith Famie.


       Tina and Colby's weight gain since the taping five months ago made them unrecognizeable. We thought CBS had recast the leads with Shelley Long and John Travolta.
Best Quote
“I was glad to see it come down to a 4-3 vote, because that says a lot about both of these individuals,” says Rodger Bingham of Crittenden, Ky., who voted for Colby.


       Tina and Colby admired Rodger Bingham so much that they “tried to figure out every possible way how we could vote Keith off instead of Rodger.”

Going Hollywood
Rodger and 15 fellow castaways appear on Hollywood Squares May 14-18. He'll also be at the Cincinnati Zoo Saturday and at Paramount's Kings Island next Sunday.

Local ratings
       Cincinnati remained the No. 1 Survivor market to the end, with a 35.5 rating and 48 percent audience share Thursday. It failed to match last summer's finale (40.4 rating and 57 percent share), but Channel 12 folks won't complain. Channel 12 doubled its 11 p.m. news audience (25.3 rating), assuring a May sweeps news victory.

Big question:

       Are you still waiting for the “live Rodger reaction” promised all day Thursday by Channel 12? Rodger went to change clothes for a CBSparty and never appeared on Channel 12's late news.

African adventure:

       CBS next month will announce the cast for Survivor 3, to be taped in Africa this summer and air in fall.

Our guess

       Rodger may surpass Tina as the most popular Survivor 2 celebrity. (How about a John Deere commercial?) Don't expect to see Keith doing any spots, not even Minute Rice.

John Kiesewetter


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