Monday, April 30, 2001

You Asked For It

Traffic light won't be changed

By Walt Schaefer
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Question: I was in Texas recently and noticed the traffic lights are brilliant colors, easily visible in sunlight. If this is something new, we should look into it here so that people don't have to strain to see traffic lights. - E.W. Gilmore, Madeira

        Answer: The traffic signals observed in Texas use technology called light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, said Cincinnati Traffic Engineer Steve Bailey. LEDs are brighter and use less electricity, but also are four times more expensive. When communities decide to change to LEDs it is usually at a time when electric savings would be equal to the cost of installing LEDs. That is not the case in Greater Cincinnati, and conversion to LEDs is too costly at this time, Mr. Bailey said.

        Q. What hoops would I have to jump through to get stop signs erected at two intersections in my neighborhood? There is only a two-way stop at Ross and Mayfield avenues, where oncoming traffic is hard to see; and, the same problem exists at Ross Avenue and West Liberty Street. Drivers speed on Ross. - A.R. Pelles, Price Hill

        A. Mr. Bailey said traffic studies were conducted in 1997 at both intersections. Traffic counts and accident rates did not warrant four-way stops. Stop signs generally are not used to control speeding. Ross Avenue residents were advised the street likely would qualify for “street calming” measures — street humps or other options — and were advised to apply. Residents may call Richard Schupp, 352-5763.

        Q. Going east on Union Centre Boulevard in West Chester Township and turning onto southbound Interstate 75, is the right lane a continuous turn lane or is it governed by the stoplight? - Tim Kelly, Liberty Township

        A. Sean Fraunfelter, of the Butler County Traffic Improvement District, said the lane is a continuous turn with caution.

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