Saturday, April 28, 2001

Best and worst of week in sports

        The Enquirer sports department's look at who rated — good and bad — this week in sports:

Top five

        1. Deion Sanders: Everyone in the world doubted this guy. Maybe that's why he's playing so well. Triple-A, granted, is not the majors. But anyone hitting .400-plus at Louisville would get a long look from the Reds. The fact Sanders is the fastest man in baseball spikes helps.

        2. Bob Boone: The over-under on players used in any given game is 15. But the Reds are winning, so make all the moves you want, Skip.

        3. Skip Prosser: You can't blame him for leaving. Wake is, after all, in the ACC. But you'd think Xavier fans would be at least a little bit sad.

        4. Rickey Henderson. Passes the Babe in walks. Don't know about you, but we're hoping Henderson retires soon, because we can't wait to hear his Hall of Fame speech.

        5. Allen Iverson: You can hate his tattoos and his rap lyrics, but no one plays harder for more minutes than the little man.

Bottom five

        1. Jason Williams: The Sacramento Kings guard is the latest athlete to make racist slurs. His were directed at an Asian fan. This is the same guy who said he spent too much time learning to read and not enough time on his jump shot. Given his knowledge of history — he said he was going to shoot the Asians like at Pearl Harbor — he should have a better jump shot.

        2. Charlie Ward: He's runner-up to Williams in the stupid racist remarks race. Took shots in Jews in the name of Christianity.

        3. Kenny Satterfield: With him headed to the NBA, who's going to miss those last-second shots for UC next year.

        4. Golf, sans Tiger: The Greater Greensboro Chrysler Classic isn't on the top of our viewing list today. Non-Tiger events have become non-events.

        5. Cal Ripken: When you go from iron man to part-time, it's time to retire. Ripken playing two or three days a week reminds us of the ill-fated plan to make Johnny Bench a part-time catcher.

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