Rate cuts gift for borrowers
        The Fed's interest rate cuts are hitting the pocketbooks of Tristate consumers and businesses - and most are happy.

'Vultures' cash in on misfortune
        The vultures have their eyes on Chiquita Brands International Inc.

Lamps and music go together
        Paxton and Cathy Mendelssohn are entrepreneurs who've made their passions for music and antiques pay.

Business Headlines for  Sunday, April 29, 2001

        How does Cincinnati rank on new economy readiness? A new report ranks the region just 34th among the nation's 50 largest cities.

Doughnut chains brace for sweet struggle
        QUINCY, Mass. — Dunkin' Donuts stores are crammed into this Boston suburb like breakfast pastries in a box. There's a full dozen Dunkin shops in this city where the chain was founded 50 years ago, a stronghold that has long been conceded even by local competitors.

Don't go it alone
        When you run a small business, one minute you're the marketing director, next you're the computer specialist, then you're in charge of accounting and, after that, human resources.

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