Sunday, April 22, 2001

Metro bus crashes into a building

By Lew Moores
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Valerie Davis didn't see the car, but from her passenger seat she felt the bus veer off.

        She braced herself as it slammed into the corner of a townhouse on Strand Lane in Findlater Gardens Saturday.

        Cincinnati police are investigating what caused a Metro bus accident at the corner of Strand Lane and Winneste Avenue, in the Winton Terrace housing development, about 9:45 a.m. Saturday. Bus driver Darlenee Hall apparently ran the bus into an empty apartment.

[photo] A Metro bus ran into townhouse Saturday morning in Winton Terrace.
(Tony Jones photo)
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        She was treated for minor injuries and released from Bethesda North Hospital.

        Ms. Davis said Ms. Hall warned them before impact.

        “She screamed, said she couldn't stop in time. She was screaming and crying,” Ms. Davis said.

        The only other passenger, Frank Barnes of Over-the-Rhine, was treated for minor injuries at University Hospital.

        Sallie Hilvers, a spokeswoman for Metro, said Ms. Hall has been driving with Metro for close to 11 years.

        Police Saturday cited Ms. Hall for operating a vehicle without reasonable control, a traffic offense.

        The bus had been heading north on Winneste and had made a right turn on Strand, when it veered to the right and into the townhouse. The 13-ton bus crushed the building facade, scattering bricks.

        “We're fortunate in that the apartment was vacant,” said Ms. Hilvers.

        “She wasn't going fast at all,” said Ms. Davis, of Winton Terrace. “She said a car was going fast and that's why” she veered off.

        Gaynelle Bricest, who lives a few doors down, said the impact shook her building.

        “I heard a big boom,” she said. “It was real loud, like a bomb.”


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