Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Citizens police review panel feels excluded

Meeting postponed, city's motives questioned

By Michael D. Clark
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        The head of a citizens police review group accused Cincinnati's city manager of wrongly postponing its scheduled public meeting Monday night and for ignoring its assistance in mending police and community ties.

        Keith Borders, chairman of the Citizens Police Review Panel (CPRP), said Monday he was irritated with City Manager John Shirey's decision to postpone the panel's public meeting, which was to be held in Madisonville.

        “We're extremely disap pointed it was canceled. We are a mechanism that is already in place to listen to the public. This is an example of the city not utilizing tools already in place,” said Mr. Borders.

        But Mr. Shirey countered that the decision to postpone was made before Monday's announcement to end the city's curfew, and that the panel's night meeting could have put attending members of the public in danger of violating the curfew.

        And Mr. Shirey also said the meeting, coming so soon after last week's riots and curfews, might have attracted “a lot of angry people.”

        Today's 2 p.m. council meeting is more appropriate as the initial public meeting afterthe city's unrest, Mr. Shirey said.

        The citizens review panel's meeting has been postponed to next April 23. It will be held 6-9 p.m. at the Gaines United Methodist Church at 5707 Madison Road.


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