Friday, April 13, 2001

Officials work to ID woman's body

By Terry Flynn
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        PETERSBURG — Boone County police don't expect to make an identification on a body found in the Ohio River near here for possibly two weeks or more.

        The body, of a white female without clothing, was pulled from the water about 8 p.m. Wednesday where it had become entangled in boat dock pilings.

        The site is downriver from the location where police believe Richard Lambert, 23, of Petersburg dumped the body of a young woman he killed in February.

        “We have some missing persons reports from the area that we are checking, comparing physical descriptions with that of the body,” Boone County Police Lt. Jack Banks said Thursday. “Hopefully we'll get some results from that. There are at least six missing persons, and one of them looks like it could be close.”

        Lt. Banks said police would not comment on the possibility the body was that of the woman they think was killed by Mr. Lambert. He was arrested after a tip and finding blood on a boat ramp and in the bed of his pickup truck.

        Mr. Lambert is charged with a felony count of tampering with physical evidence and a misdemeanor count of abuse of a corpse.

        “The body was intact but had been in the water for some time and had deteriorated,” Lt. Banks said. “We are waiting for results from an autopsy and blood tests, and that could take a couple of weeks.” He said authorities would not discuss whether the body was the one police and water rescue workers had been searching for in the river, or if Mr. Lambert faced additional charges after the body has been identified.


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