Sunday, April 08, 2001

Best and worst of week in sports

        The Enquirer sports department's look at who rated — good and bad — this week in sports:


        1. Barry Larkin: Looks like the old guy can hit leadoff. Makes you wonder why Jack McKeon didn't make the move last year. If he had, he might still have his job.

        2. The Reds rotation: One trip through the rotation doesn't prove a lot. But if Osvaldo Fernandez stays healthy and Chris Reitsma is as good as he looked, the Cardinals have something to worry about.

        3. Duke: Who knew the Dookies had heart? We always thought of them as a bunch of smart guys with lots of talent. But this year's bunch got by on guts.

        4. Women's basketball: It got more attention than ever around here, thanks to Xavier, and TV ratings were up nationally.

        5. New Cinergy Field: The place is beautiful. A real ball yard. Buy those outfield red seats and enjoy the views and the games.


        1. Darryl Strawberry: All that talent. All that potential. Now, he's hanging with street people.

        2. Art Schlichter: He's going back to the pokey. His lawyer says all Art wants is treatment. We've heard that about 23 times. Wonder if you can still get a copy of Straight Arrow.

        3. Bob Knight: He's kicking off players at an alarming rate and not telling the media why. Sounds familiar. Let's just hope the chairs are bolted down.

        4. Bob Boone: We knew this guy was going to be hands-on, but there's no rule that says you have to use all your players every game. Pinch-running for Sean Casey in the seventh put Donnie Sadler up with the game on the line twice Wednesday night.

        5. Old Cinergy Field: Anyone who spent two or three innings in line waiting in concessions lines on Opening Day knows we still need a new ballpark.


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