Deal within reach, union leader says
        Labor relations at Delta Air Lines might be improving: a new deal between Delta and its nearly 10,000 pilots could come after a couple of days of talks.

Drawbridge holds its own in tight market
        Three decades after the Drawbridge Estate opened in Fort Mitchell, the sprawling complex still leads the way among Northern Kentucky hotels. But that's not saying much.

Business Headlines for  Sunday, April 08, 2001

        The slump in the stock market represents a recession of resources and not of ideas. That's what we hope, anyway — that the downturn is temporary and relatively short, and that there are brilliant people out there with great ideas that'll make life better and create lots of millionaires.

Saving energy = saving money
        The worst of times in the energy market might prove the best of times for one company that helps businesses become more energy-efficient.

Crisis squeezes ordinary Turks
        MUDURNU, Turkey - Turkey's financial crisis is beginning to take a toll that is so severe that one cash-strapped chicken company fired all 2,000 workers and let 2 million chicks in its hatchery starve or freeze to death.

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        Everyone in business needs information and exposure to new ideas.

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