Spring may bring Pigs back
        Some of the popular porkers from last year's Big Pig Gig have been relocated around the world, but others may be sprouting up again around the Tristate.

Pops ventures into new territory this summer
        The Cincinnati Pops is branching into territory that should appeal to a spectrum of music lovers this summer.

S P E C I A L   S E C T I O N
Summer camp guide provides hundreds of listings for kids' fun and instruction.
Tempo Headlines for  Sunday, April 01, 2001

'Survivor' reality check
        Here's a brief synopsis of Survivor: The Australian Outback, which airs its 10th episode Thursday (8 p.m., Channels 12, 7) with Rodger Bingham of Crittenden.

Art and a chuckle
        This is how highly people regard artist B.B. Hall's work: An acquaintance called recently to RSVP to an art opening, then asked what she was working on. After Ms. Hall described the painting, the acquaintance said, “Don't sell it. I'll buy it.”

Dancers sizzle with passion in variegated program
        The best things about the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company are the six dancers involved. Not that there's a shabby work in the eclectic modern repertory - it's just that the young performers are exceptionally talented. They could make walking fascinating.

DePauw freshman hits books, not jump shots
        When we last wrote about Keli Gentry, she was sinking three-pointers during Midnight Madness. It was October, and the season had just begun for the DePauw University women's basketball team.

Garage sales collector's cup of tea
        Yolanda Rodriguez, 55, a self-described “housewife and garage sale lover” collects teapots.

Get to It
        A guide to help make your day.

'Lovers' is Festival at best
        Cincinnati Shakespeare Festival has a delicious surprise in store for audiences through April 22. It is the new and old, high and low, belly-laughing and heart-cracking Lovers and Executioners. And it is the festival at its best.

Stage First has fun in 'The Clouds'
        Contemporary productions of Greek classics tend to be hit or miss. Either the actors have found a way to breathe life into a 2,500-year-old play, or the effort is dull and academic. The good news to report is that Aristophanes is still alive and kicking in Stage First's production of The Clouds at the Aronoff Center.

DAUGHERTY: This is your pilot: 'Want fries with that?'
        Sixteen-thousand, one hundred-eighty dollars a year. This is the salary of rookie first officers at Comair. Sixteen one-eighty, to get me from here to there, whole.

DEMALINE: Spend lucky 13 weeks playing around
        It didn't feel like it earlier this week, but winter is over. I know this not just because my clock has sprung forward but because it's time for a quarterly list of theater recommendations — 13 weeks of spring theater recommendations.

KENDRICK: Latest technology to help disabled
        LOS ANGELES — Hundreds of new products were demonstrated at the 16th annual Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference last week.

Put flower show, Tartan festival on April calendar
        Missed spring break? Wayfarers can cruise “2001 — A Gardening Odyssey” at the Cincinnati Flower Show and search for Brigadoon at the Spring Tartan Ceilidh.
MARTIN: Immigrants' ingredients make food 'American'
        Hispanic and Asian immigrants moved to our fair land in droves during the last decade, the 2000 Census shows. Here's my message to these new citizens:

Columnist offers free beer
        OK, the headline was my April Fool's joke, but to make up for it I'll help you avoid becoming an April fool in your next bar discussion.

'Fool' for the Day
        On April 1, the “fool” is the dessert of the day. No kidding. A fool is an English dessert made with stewed, pureed fruit mixed with cream or custard. Dating to the 16th century, no one really knows why a fool is called a fool.

Ruby's chef competes on Food Network
        If you've been following local nice-guy competitors Rodger Bingham on Survivor and, earlier, Kate Pahls on The Mole, now you can follow another favorite son during a cutthroat competition on national (cable) television.

Eleven who make a difference
        We celebrate the work of women whose helping hands have made Greater Cincinnati a more livable city.
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