Sunday, April 01, 2001

Catching Up

DePauw freshman hits books, not jump shots

By John Johnston
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        When we last wrote about Keli Gentry (Oct. 27, 2000 story), she was sinking three-pointers during Midnight Madness. It was October, and the season had just begun for the DePauw University women's basketball team.

[photo] Keli Gentry (center), with father Mike and mother Kathy Gentry under their home-court hoop in Maineville, hopes to make DePauw Universityıs varsity team.
(Jeff Swinger photo)
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        Now March Madness is upon us, and much has changed for 19-year-old Keli, the subject of one of Tempo's Friday “Dart” features in which a person is chosen randomly from the phone book to be featured in the paper.

        Three weeks into her freshman season with the DePauw team, after carefully weighing her options, Keli decided not to play competitive basketball.

        “DePauw is such a demanding school academically,” she says, at home in Maineville last week for spring break. “So, I decided to focus on academics.”

        And focus she has. She made the dean's list, and became active in an honors program in business that will lead to internships. She plans to major in economics.

        Still, the decision to forsake basketball was tough. She had played competitively since third grade, and had excelled at Little Miami High School, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy and in Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball. Her parents, Mike and Kathy, were regulars at her games.

        She didn't know how her father, a former coach, would react to her decision. He had devoted much time and effort toward Keli's basketball success.

        She needn't have worried.

        “He completely supported me,” Keli says.

        Says Mike: “I think she made the right decision. It was hard for her to make that decision, because she's played basketball all those years. But she knew the most important thing was going to be the academics, and her career.”

        She is attending the Greencastle, Ind., school on academic scholarships. When she needs a break from the books, everyone knows where to find her.

        “I'm in the gym shooting,” she says.


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