Sunday, April 01, 2001

Best and worst of the week in sports

        The Enquirer sports department's look at who rated — good and bad — this week in sports:


&         1. The Reds: It wasn't a great offseason. They jettisoned veterans. They failed to add a starting pitcher. But, on Opening Day, they have a chance to make the postseason. Not a lot of small-market teams can say the same thing.

        2. Opening Day: It's an unofficial holiday here, and one of the few days Queen City residents let their hair down.

        3. Chris Reitsma: Got to love a kid (he's 23) who comes into camp with no chance and ends up in the starting rotation.

        4. Xavier women: Let's say it one more time: It was a great run.

        5. Marty and Joe: The WLW duo makes the summer nights pass a lot more quickly.


        1. The Reds: First, Justin Atchley's on the club and Wilton Guerrero isn't. Then, Wilton Guerrero's on the club and Justin Atchley isn't. It should be noted that this isn't fantasy baseball. These players have feelings. And you just jerked around two of them.

        2. Fantasy Baseball: Play all you want. Just get this clear: NO ONE CARES WHO IS ON YOUR TEAM. Keep it to yourself. Take a self test: If the first thing you thought of when you heard Nomar Garciaparra might have surgery is, “How does this affect my fantasy team?” you ought to consider getting a life.

        3. Donald Fehr: Baseball players union czar says ticket prices have nothing to do with players' salaries. Come on. And the price of gas has nothing to do with how much it costs to drive to Florida.

        4. College presidents: Until you quit firing coaches with winning records, college basketball is going to continue to run amok.

        5. Fans: A fat guy breaks down the glass and comes into the penalty box in Philadelphia. Martina Hingis has a stalker. It's only sports, folks.


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